7 Ways Car Dealer Apps Increase Dealership Productivity and Sales

Are you leveraging mobile tools for better performance? Here’s how car dealer apps make it happen

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How often do you walk into the showroom and see your salespeople on their phones? Whether searching for information online, updating their calendars, or checking emails, mobile technology is an essential aspect of the work day. If that’s the case, why not put those tools to use? Integrate your CRM technology with car dealer apps that add to your team’s productivity and sales.

As a GM or dealership owner, you have a vested interest in using mobile technology. We’re not just talking about connecting with customers—your salespeople use their phones all the time, too. That’s why AutoRaptor has included a car dealer app for your team to use. It includes one-of-a-kind features that you won’t find anywhere else.

7 ways CRM-based car dealer apps add to your sales team’s productivity and execution

1. 24/7 access at the tips of your fingers

What’s the main benefit of mobile apps for dealership employees? Having unlimited access to the CRM system from anywhere, 24/7/365. Sales is a continuous process that bleeds over the nine-to-five hours. Give your salespeople access to all the tools they need off-site and on-site.

All of the features you have with the AutoRaptor system are available right at tips of your team’s fingers. Lead management, customer dialogue, and follow-up are all handled in one place.

01-7 Ways Car Dealer Apps Increase Dealership Productivity and Sales-012. Driver’s license scanning for “on-the-lot” sales time

Not all car dealer apps are equal. Our team created features that you won’t find with other CRM companies. All of our efforts make your workflows and conversions more efficient.

Our favorite features are the driver’s license and VIN scanner. Your salesperson can open the app on his phone, run the built-in scanner over his prospects driver’s license, and create a new profile (or up sheet) instantly. The scanners pull all of the initial information needed.

3. Client messages and phone calls kept in one place

The app also makes your communication records with customers and prospects easier to organize. Text messages, phone calls, and emails can all be sent and received within the app.

There is also no carrier charge for your employees! Their work calls will no longer eat up their precious personal minutes or data while they use the AutoRaptor app.

02-7 Ways Car Dealer Apps Increase Dealership Productivity and Sales-014. Real-time sync with the desktop applications

Car dealer apps should always sync with the desktop applications. Otherwise, salespeople will have two different (and conflicting) schedules going at the same time.

Luckily, you don’t have to worry about that. AutoRaptor is a web-based software. Whenever your salesperson adds information to their mobile app, it automatically syncs and saves to the desktop app as well.

He may add a new up sheet, notes about a recent phone call, or write a new appointment in his schedule. All of those changes will save instantly at the dealership.

5. Customer notes and actions plans

As a GM, you understand that organization is everything. Salespeople can’t function and close deals if they’re scrambling to keep up with their own schedule. Chances are they already use their phones as an organizational tool. Car dealer apps make it possible to gather all those efforts into one place.

Let’s say a lead recently came in for a test drive, but decided she wanted to come back and try a different car later that week. Your salesperson can make a note in the customer profile and update his action plans within the app. Managers can view the changes as well.

6. Lead management and follow-up reminders

Your sales manager assigns a fresh lead to a salesperson. He’s currently taking a customer on a test drive and has other tasks to take care of before he returns to his desk. Instead of neglecting that lead for hours, the mobile app will remind him to follow up.

He’ll see the notification on his phone and make a quick follow-up call in between tasks. He won’t have to wait to manage leads from his desk.

03-7 Ways Car Dealer Apps Increase Dealership Productivity and Sales-017. Appointment scheduling and daily workflow

You’ve heard it and preached it a hundred times: time management and workflow needs to be smooth. For every lead that comes in, there should be an established workflow and pipeline in place to drive them toward the sale of a new vehicle.

Working on your mobile phone makes it easy to set an appointment on the spot. Either in person or right when they get off the phone, the salesperson can quickly fill in a new appointment within the app.

Give your salespeople the tools they need to be productive workers

The dealership sales model is unique—no typical CRM will add to your team’s productivity. AutoRaptor was created for car people, by car people. We understand your processes, and create specific features for your salespeople.

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