How the Best Used Car Dealer CRM Helps Small and Independent Dealerships Grow

Why An Independent Car Dealership Needs a Used Car Dealer CRM

Used car dealerships are an essential part of the automotive industry, but competition is tough not only within the used car market but when you consider new car dealerships and online buying options are also competing for buyers. To stay ahead, small and independent used car dealerships need to provide excellent customer service and build strong relationships with their customers. 

A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system can help them do this by providing a centralized platform for tracking customer data and interactions. With a CRM, used car dealerships gain valuable insights into customers’ needs, preferences, and buying habits. This information can be used to create targeted campaigns that will help attract more customers and increase sales. 

A used car dealer CRM helps your dealership and its sales teams, qualify leads, and then move them effectively through a pipeline into customers. A used dealership CRM is a great resource for customer service and after-sales engagement. 

Additionally, a CRM system can help streamline the sales process by automating mundane tasks like lead qualification and follow-up emails. By investing in a CRM system, used car dealerships can ensure that their customer service is optimized and meets the needs of demanding customer expectations.

Used Car Dealer CRM Features

Independent car dealers greatly benefit from the capabilities of a CRM system built specifically for the used car market. A qualified used car dealership CRM should offer:

  • Sales and customer support automation
  • Centralized lead assignments
  • Customizable action plans
  • Email & text message marketing
  • Sales reporting and insights
  • Scheduling & appointments
  • Lead prioritization
  • And much more

Need Help Selecting and Implementing a Used Car Dealer CRM at Your Dealership? 

Implementing any new software, like an auto dealer CRM for your independent dealership, can be stressful so let AutoRaptor guide you in a way that has helped other dealerships succeed. Think about the tools you’ll actually use, and how you would like them to work. You’ll soon discover that it’s all within reach.

Find out how the best small used car CRM makes your job easier and grows profits

The best small used car CRM is easy to use.

Part of the reason some dealerships may be hesitant to switch CRMs is that they have to re-learn new tools and adjust their daily processes. This can be challenging while maintaining daily business demands. 

AutoRaptor is the most intuitive used car dealer CRM on the market. With every new feature, we think about the end users’ daily use and efficiency. We strive to maintain a simple, yet powerful tool to give your dealership results.

The best used car CRM offers customer support you can rely on.

Getting the support you need can sometimes take hours, days, or even weeks, but not with AutoRaptor. Our team is easily accessible, prompt, knowledgeable, and pleasant! The average response time to help tickets is only 4 minutes!

Training is included in your subscription, and unlimited, so new and existing users who want a refresher course can easily schedule one on one training sessions for added value.

Sell cars on the lot faster with AutoRaptor

Know if we’re the right fit within 10 minutes

The best used car dealer CRM addresses dealerships’ specific needs.

It’s about more than data collection; it’s about giving independent dealers the tools they need to stop missing opportunities and increase their sales power. AutoRaptor is made by a team that understands the needs of small used car dealerships and sets out to provide a cost-effective and powerful application that you’ll use.

The best independent car dealership CRM is reliable and fast.

Quick response times are critical when it comes to used car sales, especially with prospects able to access so much inventory online. AutoRaptor’s uptime is 99%. You can count on AutoRaptor to be accessible and functional to your dealership. Additionally, quick responses are one of the main ways to make your customers feel valued and taken care of, which leads to increased customer satisfaction, referrals, and long-term profits.

The best small used car dealership CRM creates organization and accountability.

While there are dealership CRMs out there that can help send automated communications, not all of them help organize, filter, and assign leads and tasks like AutoRaptor. Everyone, including managers, knows what has to be done every day and by whom. Daily action plans allow you to set up daily tasks, so nothing is ever overlooked, and automation tools ensure lead prospects receive persuasive communication and marketing efforts every, single day.

The best used car dealer CRM provides full mobile accessibility.

There’s no need for your team to be tied to a desk when you have AutoRaptor’s communication and sales features in the palm of your hand. Scan licenses and vehicle VINs, access customer records, and even start a deal from scratch. With the most powerful CRM mobile app on the market, tasks that once required a desktop computer can now be performed anywhere, anytime. The rising use from mobile devices and tablets means that 81% of users are now accessing CRM software from multiple devices, freeing salespeople and managers to remain plugged in and informed while they are out on the lot working with customers.

The best small used car dealership CRM gives independent dealers confidence.

The best CRM dealership software should make it easy to customize your sales process, set up daily work plans to keep reps organized, and create robust retention campaigns that drive more sales. AutoRaptor does that better than any independent dealer CRM on the market, for one affordable monthly fee so dealers can feel confident about their sales efforts, and their budget.

AutoRaptor – The Best Used Car Dealer CRM Software for Small and Independent Dealerships

There is a better way to sell cars, and with AutoRaptor, the sales opportunities are limitless. Independent dealers can instantly improve daily processes that lead to continual sales success and feel confident while doing it. Schedule a demo today!

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