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The internet has revolutionized everything we do on a daily basis, including buying and selling cars. For your dealership to resonate with its customer base and make sales in a highly competitive market, it is paramount to make inventory details, pricing, and availability easy to access in an online platform.

What does a successful automotive dealer website look like? I’m glad you asked. We’ve compiled a list of sites from around the web to show you what makes dealers successful. Here’s what the best automotive dealer websites on our list have in common:
  • Modern design that follows digital marketing best practices
  • Easy access to a full list of new and used inventory
  • Desire to help the user find exactly what they’re looking for

Take a spin through each of these and get inspired to make sure your website has what it takes to close every deal.


1. Subaru of Cherry Hill


This New Jersey dealership is a fantastic example of the three aforementioned qualities. Sleek, organized design that establishes itself as a community business may be what makes this one of the top-selling dealerships in America.

2. Bowe Chevrolet Buick


Located in Kansas, Bowe is a dealership that successfully demonstrates the effectiveness of simplicity. The site highlights the available options for visitors, provides hours of operation, and includes a helpful map of its location. They also utilize plenty of white space, as to not visually overwhelm. View their site here.

3. Tuttle-Click Mazda


Over-the-top design is overrated, even in sunny California. This Irvine dealership makes all its valuable information easy to find. One helpful thing about the site is that it only features brief, relevant information on the homepage. Take a look here:

4. Schumacher of Scottsdale


This Arizona dealership’s site is everything you’d expect from a luxury brand dealer. It has a full but tasteful homepage that covers all the bases, allowing users to find just what they’re looking for. Take a look around their site:

4. Rick Case Kia


This Florida automotive dealer does everything right. Visually stricking, easily navigable, and easy to read options have contributed greatly to their success. Explore their site here:

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