Auto Dealer SEO Techniques That Drive Traffic

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a thousand times. SEO is important. Don’t act surprised, you know what this stands for: Search. Engine. Optimization. As an auto dealer, you’ve no doubt become increasingly familiar with this term and its immense effect on your digital marketing endeavors. Every day, the battle to rank on search engines above your competitors gets a little tougher, especially with the new mobile ranking qualifications from Google that were recently released. What SEO techniques do auto dealers use to drive traffic to their sites? The answer consists of a few practicalpowerful ingredients.

Be A Builder. Lay A Proper Foundation.

Local auto dealerships have suffered much at the hands of today’s technology, but this can easily be avoided! Your sales and marketing teams are the architects of effective strategy and execution for your website’s SEO, and just like the builder of a house, a successful technique to your SEO is to build your site intentionally from the ground up.



As you begin to build your strategy, lay a foundation that will position your dealership for success. This isn’t as complicated as you may think. Start at the beginning with your website’s URL. Is it formatted properly, or is there room for improvement? Ambiguous links as well as broken ones can only reduce the chances you have of showing up in online search rankings. If you happen to be moving over to a new site from a more outdated one, it’s really important to make sure that old web pages are redirected through your CMS platform. Another of these often overlooked pieces is your website meta description and title tag. Jargon aside, this is what your potential customers will see in Google before they get to your website. With these updated to properly reflect your dealership and your inventory, you’ll be off to the SEO races with a helpful head start. These items may seem small, but there are large, negative ramifications to not properly inserting such nuts and bolts.

The house (website) you want to build needs walls that are firmly established and able to support what’s inside.



As you build your auto dealer SEO strategy, the next phase toward driving traffic to your dealership’s site is going to be your use of keywords. Ground-up strategy needs to include every piece of the formula, not just one thing or another. Think of keywords as the accents you include in each room of your house, which add crucial elements of attraction and appeal, and would go noticed if missing. Even if your website is properly set up with magnificent URLs and properly inserted redirects, keywords are paramount in influencing SEO and improving your ranking scores. One of the primary tools to use in conducting proper keyword research is Google AdWords, where you can set up a complimentary account that helps you brainstorm, generate keyword lists, and discover where certain words are competing in the market. AdWords helps you make the most out of your keyword resources, both in knowing which terms to include on your site and not wasting valuable resources in paying for ads that won’t actually drive traffic to your site.

Keywords, like accent lamps or area rugs, aren’t random objects of fluff. Remember, they accentuate what’s there. Make your dealership stand out!



Last, however certainly not least, is content. In terms of seeing an uptick in your dealership’s website traffic, powerful, unique content is what makes the difference and brings in your most wanted results. It is what’s inside that counts, after all. Inventory, descriptive information, and helpful supporting web pages all work together — especially when keyword-rich — to improve your SEO and the consequent visits to your site. To refer back to the metaphor of the house, content is the one thing that makes your dealership’s site look like either a stately mansion or delapidated shack.


Now it’s time to take a look at your website and make an analysis. How can you improve your auto dealer seo based on the factors listed above? Are things holding up well, or is it time for a remodel? You hold the keys and have the tools.


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