10 Ways to Make Your Dealership Commercials Stand Out


If you’re going to invest in dealership commercials, ensure they help your business rather than hurt it.

01-10-ways-to-make-your-dealership-commercials-stand-out-01They say there’s no such thing as bad publicity, but when you see a cheesy car advertisement, you know that’s not true. Every year, car dealers spend thousands of dollars on dealership commercials that do little if anything to grow the businesses they’re intended to support. You’ve seen the dry, listless ad, or the failed attempt at humor. In fact, an alarming number of dealership commercials employ campy tactics to promote gimmicky deals that raise more red flags than they do revenue streams.

While there’s no particular formula for successful dealership commercials, there are a few things you can do to make sure your dealership stands out for the right reasons.

Dealership commercials: The classic jingle

This commercial from Hassett of Wantagh employs the classic jingle, a catchy tune that sticks with people hours after they hear it. While the song borders on cheesy, it also speaks to the emotions of the audience, portraying Hassett of Wantagh as a reliable, honest dealership that cares about its customers—traits that are especially important for car-buying customers.

Dealership commercials: Satire

This hilarious advertisement pokes fun at the popular perception of car dealers as sleazy con-men more interested in making a buck than forming relationships. Taking a shot at the generic competition in this way paints Blaise Alexander Family Dealerships as the good guy in a world full of swindlers.

Dealership commercials: Cultural relevance

Speaking of funny commercials, this gem from Drive Time plays off the popular song, “Turn Down For What?” by applying the refrain lyrics to the reason a customer was turned down for auto financing. (See what they did there?) Sure, it’s a little goofy, but because that’s the intention, it comes across as charming instead of cringe-worthy.

Dealership commercials: Demonstrate urgency

Quirk Chevrolet put together this classic Presidents’ Day sale advertisement using high-end visual production that conveys the urgency of the promotion. With lots of fast-moving effects and an enthusiastic voiceover, this commercial succeeds in getting customers excited about the upcoming sales event.

Dealership commercials: Simple and tasteful

On the flip side, another way to draw attention to your commercial is to keep it straightforward and tasteful, like this ad from Bruce Bennet Nissan, which employs elegant illustrations with soothing background music that makes the dealership come across as warm and connected to their audience.

Dealership commercials: Build trust

Establishing rapport from the beginning looks favorably on any dealership. Andy Mohr Ford does just that with this straightforward, professional advertisement that ignores gimmicks and humor in favor of letting their reputation precede them.

Dealership commercials: Include pets

Bald Hill Motor Group was on to something when they included a handful of dogs in this advertisement that will surely appeal to all the pet owners who see it. (As long as they like dogs, of course.)

Dealership commercials: Puppets and props

A little silliness is a good thing in a commercial, especially if that silliness employs puppetry and props. Take this Kelley Lakeland ad with a puppet weasel playing the part of the dishonest salesperson. Both cute and funny, audiences can relate to this commercial on multiple levels.

Dealership commercials: Sports references

Sports make great metaphors for many things, including car sales. Just ask the folks at Allen Toyota who put together this spot centered around the theme of football, a favorite pastime in southern Mississippi.

Dealership commercials: Celebrity sightings

Celebrities may not be in everyone’s budget, but if you can snag a famous face for your advertisement, you’ll do yourself a huge favor. The folks at Century III Kia can surely tell you that after this comical skit with Gary Busey.

Key takeaway: Appeal to emotions

Whatever advertising methods you choose, remember that people tend to make buying decisions based on emotion, not logic. If your commercial is silly without also being smart, people are likely to think the same thing about your business. Fashion your publicity in such a way that audiences walk away respecting your business so that ultimately, they’ll give you a chance to win theirs.

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