How to Increase Car Sales with a Two-Car Deal


Trying to increase car sales at your dealership? Teach your sales team how to sell two cars in one deal.

Month after month, you watch your sales team work diligently to close deals and meet their quotas. However, as their sales manager, you’re always looking for new methods that they can use to increase car sales, increase monthly commissions, and help the dealership grow. You’ve encouraged them to send thank you cards, shared tried and true closing techniques for financially-challenged prospects, and brainstormed clever lead generation ideas.

One method to increase car sales that you may not have thought of, however, is the two-car deal. A two-car deal is exactly what is sounds like — the salesperson sells two vehicles in the same deal. Some salespeople consider this type of deal to be a total fluke or simply a stroke of luck. The truth is that two-car deals can happen much more often than dealership employees realize; you just have to know what to look for and what to say.

Perfecting the two-car deal to increase car sales

According to Auto Dealer Monthly, Matt Reynolds, a Volkswagen salesperson in Washington, is hailed for his ability to zero in on two-car deal opportunities and make them happen. Since joining Auburn Volkswagen in 2011, Reynolds has closed 20 two-car deals. During one three-month stretch, he closed nine of those deals.

“Essentially, you’re talking to one person about their needs and helping them find something else,” Reynolds told Auto Dealer Monthly. “Then, either the other person mentions they’re looking for a car and I say, ‘What if we could find that today?’ Or there’s a situation where you can spread out the negative equity over two cars. But typically it’s the excitement factor. ‘I want a Volkswagen, too!’”

How can your salespeople sniff out possible two-car deals? By listening and observing. They shouldn’t launch into trying to make a double play just because a prospect walks in the door with a friend, family member, or colleague. There are clues they should be looking for:

  • The other person seems really into the whole process and shows a genuine excitement for certain vehicles.
  • They’re helping you sell the prospect on a certain vehicle.
  • They bring up their current vehicle and talk about it in an unfavorable way. For example, it’s old, keeps breaking down, or doesn’t fit his or her lifestyle anymore.
  • The prospect has quite a bit of negative equity in their vehicle, and they’re hesitant to roll the difference into their new loan because the monthly payment will be too high.

02-how-to-increase-car-sales-with-a-two-car-dealOf course, in some instances, the other person will serve it to your salesperson on a silver platter: “I’m looking for a new car right now, too.” If they can’t manage a solid two-car deal in that situation, you might need to look a little closer at how they do business.

Increase car sales and teach your sales team about two-car deals

Everyone on your team — especially if you have a lot of young salespeople — may not even realize that a two-car deal is something they can shoot for. They’re so focused on closing one deal well that the concept of a double whammy isn’t even on their radar. It’s a great topic to cover in your weekly or monthly sales meetings and may reinvigorate your sales team in ways you never imagined (and increase car sales as well).

03-how-to-increase-car-sales-with-a-two-car-dealInstead of just telling your salespeople about two-car deals, explain how they can benefit. For example, Reynolds got so good at two-car deals, that he has been offered promotions more than once. Taking the initiative and trying new sales methods (and succeeding) helps salespeople stand out and advance professionally.

Of course, in addition to the possibility of promotion, there’s the bonus of increased commissions as well. A two-car deal should only require a bit more of their time than one deal, but they’ll get double the money. That’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Speaking about promotions and increased commissions should perk up any salesperson’s ears, but you may even want to go a step further in your sales meeting and throw in an added incentive. Some salespeople might love the idea of closing a two-car deal, but are hesitant to try due to lack of experience — an incentive could push them to at least give it the old college try. It’s up to you as to what you think would motivate your team the most, but there are a few things you can try.

Cash bonus (or some other prize) to the salesperson who:

  • Makes the most two-car deals in a month
  • Makes the first two-car deal after the meeting
  • Makes the dealership the most profit on a two-car deal

Alternatively, you could also tell your team that any salesperson who makes a two-car deal in that month will receive a cash bonus or prize. That encourages everyone to give it a shot and get comfortable with making double deals.

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