How to Make the Car Dealership Customer Experience Better With Technology

dealership customer experience

Creating the perfect dealership customer experience is simple when you have the right technology on your side.

Car dealers rely on customer reviews to help boost business and to get the best, customer satisfaction is as necessary as understanding the basic principles of car sales. Recent studies show that more than 90% of car buyers use a computer to research vehicle information, and more than half use a mobile device. This number keeps climbing, which tells us that technology is a driving force for the modern-day auto sales industry, and the key to the perfect dealership customer experience.

Dealerships that are hesitant to adapt to these changes are finding it challenging to keep up with those that embrace new technology. It takes more than a few tablets to create the ideal customer experience, but once you implement processes with each department in your dealership, you’ll start to realize the benefits in no time.

How to ensure you’re making the most of technology to create an appealing dealership customer experience

Service Departmentdealership customer experience

Okay, so tablets do come in handy when it comes to your service department’s productivity, and as you know, efficiency equals profitability. Service advisors can benefit from tools that streamline the customer check-in process, and your mechanics can benefit from apps that help send diagnostics to your DMS. Enhanced communication between your advisors and your mechanics ensures the client’s car is serviced appropriately. The smoother the transaction, the more satisfied your customer is which increases your chances of another five-star review. And if you didn’t know, 68% of sales customers and 64% of service customers use site star ratings in search results even if they don’t read dealer reviews.

Another way to improve your chance of better online reviews is to make sure your website is in good working order so your clients can easily book appointments or services. Customers also appreciate time-savers such as online chat, digital service menus, and digital coupons. Most people throw away or forget to bring in paper coupons, but they rarely forget their mobile devices. When you give your clients an effortless experience, it will be a lot easier to gain their trust.

Sales and Business Developmentdealership customer experience

The days of paper-filled processes and tens of hours spent with just one client to complete a deal are coming to an end. With CRM tools, you can increase profits by working with multiple prospects simultaneously. It’s easier to manage appointments and reduce overlapped deliveries, and it just takes a few minutes to schedule text and email blasts that will reach far more clients than mailers and newspaper ads. It’s also easier than ever to maintain customer follow-ups to increase retention.

Apart from dealer marketing, a CRM can also help foster accountability and better communication internally. Your BDC and sales team can create digital leads that are accessible not only in the office, but also on their mobile devices. Managers can view these leads to keep up with daily schedules, pending sales, and to maintain staff accountability. Instead of walking circles through your dealership, everyone can easily access lead information wherever they are. It’s also easy to convert lead and sales information into reports that can help your dealership stay profitable. Clerical work is cut way down so you can focus on what you do best.

Web presence is also critical for sales and business development, especially when nine out of ten customers visit a dealer website before shopping. Make sure to assemble a team to maintain your site and online reputation. Encourage employees to create content that will help draw in potential leads, and be sure to use reporting functions to track what they’re doing so you know which types of posts are helping drum up business.dealership customer experience

Use it or Lose it

Avoid being the dealership that spends their hard-earned profits on tools they don’t use. Implement daily digital processes, and make sure your team knows how to use them. It may take a little time to get everyone thoroughly trained, but your productivity will multiply almost immediately, making up for it tenfold. Modern car buyers respond to salespeople who take the time to understand their needs, so as a dealer, it’s important to start that relationship off right with a solid approach. When almost 100% of car buyers use a device to do their research, you know success isn’t coming from your weekly newspaper ad.

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