9 Great Dealer Car Manager Tools, Website Plugins, and Apps

If you’re an auto dealer, car manager tools help you find new ways to improve your processes.

Managing an auto dealership sales team can be quite complicated, and it takes a driven, organized person to keep things running smoothly (while also moving inventory). Luckily, advancements in technology are resulting in new tools, apps, and website plugins to make the job of a dealer car manager much easier.

Technology will make various parts of the job easier, but getting to that point can be challenging. There are almost too many options out there for a dealership manager to choose from and making the “right” choices can often seem like an overwhelming task.

If you are looking for new ways to improve how your sales team does business and how you manage your team, take a minute to consider some of these dealer car manager tools that have proven track records of success.

For the best auto dealer: car manager website plugins, apps, and tools


Bottom line: your employees won’t work for free, but do you have the resources to hire an entire HR and payroll staff? ADP can help you manage all of your dealership payroll, taxes, human resources, and benefits needs. Best yet, it integrates directly with your AutoRaptor system.


It’s a given that your dealership should have a presence on all of the social media websites and apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Managing all of those pages, however, can get exhausting. Hootsuite allows you to manage your social media all in one place — that includes scheduling posts, engaging with followers, “listening” to what people are saying about your dealership and even in-depth analytics that show you how well your social media efforts are being received.

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WP Email Capture

Capturing customer e-mails is essential and WP Email Capture provides a double opt-in that allows you to create a robust list for your e-mail marketing. The premium version lets you track site visitors, send an auto-responder e-mail after sign-up, create multiple lists, and add custom fields.


This messaging app is the ultimate in team communication. You can organize team conversations in open channels and private channels and reach out to colleagues directly via direct messages. It’s also easy to drag, drop, and share all types of files with anyone you want. Every conversation is also automatically indexed, so you can search the archive if you ever need to go back for information or a file.



QuikCoupon allows you to quickly and easily create custom coupons for your dealership that can be e-mailed out to customers, posted on your website, or shared on social media. Of course, you can also print the coupons and hand them out in the dealership as well. QuickCoupon also includes a QR Code Generator.

WP Fast Cache

40% of people abandon a website that takes longer than 3 seconds to load. Auto dealership websites are notoriously slow due to the number of photos and graphics featured on the sites.

WP Fast Cache is a plugin that will boost your website loading speed, creating a more enjoyable experience for potential customers (and hopefully, more money in your pocket).


If you want to try your hand at putting together your own dealership website, consider trying Wix, which has a pre-made template for dealers. It’s free to get started, but premium plans are available if you’re looking for more support, storage, bandwidth, and analytics.

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AutoStar Solutions

Are you looking for dealership management software that also includes loan servicing software? AutoStar Solutions is the perfect tool for you. From boarding loans, to accounting, collections, and even inventory management, AutoStar will meet your needs. Here’s some great news: your AutoStar system will integrate with AutoRaptor.


When you’re an auto dealer, car manager tools can help you run a better business. AutoRaptor is the perfect CRM system for dealerships. We provide an application for managing your sales team and potential customers. Let us help you automate your processes.

Just remember, you aren’t always going to be at your desk when you need AutoRaptor — so don’t forget to download the mobile app.

AutoRaptor CRM

A little research is worth your time

Technology is always evolving, and as a dealer car manager, it’s your job to stay on top of it. Yes, it can be overwhelming — but with a little bit of regular research every week (or even month), you can stay on top of the trends and ensure your team is set up for success.

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