It’s Electric! What to Know About Selling Energy – Efficient Cars

The electric car is catching on fast among consumers, and you likely have seen increased interest in them electric_caron the car lot – even if they aren’t yet part of your inventory. The high cost of gasoline, environmental concerns, and improvements in technology have made selling energy-efficient cars much more plausible and even profitable as the demand continues to rise. Design modifications have improved the attractiveness of current models, with companies like Tesla manufacturing high-performance electric vehicles that have helped to change people’s prior perceptions of what the electric car is and what it can do. Now more than ever, it is becoming much easier for you to sell such cars to a growing customer base.

Longer Charge Life and Range

Energy-efficient vehicles have a much greater range, longer battery life, and quicker charging times than the electric cars of a decade ago. When you are selling such an electric vehicle, it is easier to demonstrate how they have everyday usability that will suit roughly 90 percent of all driving needs, such as the workday commute, taking kids to school, going on road trips, and running errands. Recharging times are much shorter, taking only a few hours and making a recharge easy to conduct overnight or while at work. Many businesses and other locations also provide special parking and charging areas for electric cars, which can be worth mentioning when making a sales pitch to skeptical customers.

Safe, Smooth, Quiet Ride

Electric cars have come a long way in terms of performance and ride quality. When you are selling energy-efficient cars, you no longer have to convince someone to buy a tiny vehicle that looks funny and might not be as safe out on the road. Many current models of electric cars are the same size as most other vehicles on the roadway and just as safe. Better still, the ride quality is greatly improved over vehicles that use the internal combustion engine and are much quieter. There is no exhaust noise, no engine clattering, and a much smoother power delivery. When compared to current electric cars, traditional vehicles are noisy, clunky, and generally provide a rougher ride.

Lower Maintenance Costs

Another point to emphasize during your sales pitch is lower maintanence costs! The internal combustion engine in most vehicles has thousands of moving parts and components that need maintenance and are subject to failure due to friction, stress, wear and tear, and the generally violent nature of how internal combustion works. Over the lifetime of the vehicle, thousands of dollars must be spent to maintain it. When you are selling energy-efficient cars, you can emphasize how electric cars do not have as many moving parts that need maintenance, which makes them more reliable. Over the lifetime of the vehicle, the savings in maintenance costs far exceeds the cost of the eventual battery replacement in electric cars, which is needed on average every five years. Mechanically speaking, electric cars are more reliable and more affordable than their gasoline-powered alternatives and cost their owners only a fourth of the cost per mile.

No Emissions

Because electric cars do not produce emissions, they are the most environmentally friendly vehicles on the road. For drivers who are concerned about smog, global warming, and reducing their carbon footprint, buying an electric car is a great idea. Another benefit is that many states and urban population centers require emissions testing each year to renew vehicle registrations. If a car does not pass the emissions test, the owner might need to spend hundreds of dollars or more to repair it before it can pass, or even buy a new car. When you are selling environmentally friendly cars, you can point out their environmentally friendly nature and the added value of not needing emissions testing due to the fact electric cars produce no emissions. That means additional savings in annual testing costs, potential maintenance, and an easier, quicker process for annual registration renewals.

Tax Breaks for Buyers

Another great advantage when you are selling such cars is that the federal government and many state governments provide a significantly large tax credit when buying electric cars. In most instances, that federal tax credit is $7,500, which greatly offsets the cost of buying one. Because it is a tax credit, buyers who have no tax obligation at the end of the year wind up receiving a check from the federal government for that amount. Many states also offer tax incentives for buyers, which makes buying an electric car far more affordable than many people realize. When you have customers on your lot looking at your electric cars, you can emphasize the federal tax credit and any state tax incentives when comparing selling prices and stand a much greater chance of closing the deal.

Many Buyers Already Are Educated

When you are selling energy efficient vehicles, a lot of your salespeople might be under the impression that they take longer to sell than traditional gas-powered cars due to the new technology. The notion has become so pervasive that many salespeople think it takes nearly five times longer to sell an electric than a gas-powered vehicle; that just isn’t true. Most potential buyers already have done their research and in many cases know exactly which make and model they want, its potential range and performance, recharging times, battery life, and many other pieces of information that your salespeople otherwise might have to bestow upon your customers. Customers seeking an energy-efficient car come to your dealership primed to buy, because they’ve already done their research.

The SEO Advantage

When you are selling energy-efficient cars – particularly electric models – you will find many of your customers are tech-savvy, highly motivated, and make use of the Internet to research electric cars and where to buy them. That means you can do a lot online through pay-per-click platforms like Google AdWords, and content marketing in the form of relevant offers that provide information on electric cars for your potential customers. When they see you have them in stock and can see them in person, they already have done most of the background research to determine whether or not they want to buy from you. By the time they get to your sales floor, in many cases, you have a highly motivated and enthusiastic customer who already is sold on the idea and merely needs to have the opportunity to buy one.


Many technological and design advancements have taken place and continue to improve energy-efficient cars, and the market for selling electric cars continues to grow and become more profitable. The combination of reliability, ride quality, lower operating costs, tax credits, and improved range make them a highly viable option for many consumers who want a vehicle they can use to improve their overall quality of life. When selling an energy-efficient car, you can emphasize the many benefits that make them a great buy for drivers, as well as a great sale for you.


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