Are You Disappointed with Your Sales Analysis Report?

sales analysis report

Is your sales analysis report helping your dealership or is it just part of a pile cluttering your office?

Car sales demographics are always changing, and every dealership is trying to figure out how to get people through their doors. Managers and owners are running reports from their DMS software, but find the sales analysis report is often lacking. They already work long hours, so they don’t want to spend extra time figuring out how to get the right reports to generate. They’re looking for simple ways to look at their data so they can streamline their sales process and sell more cars. Sound familiar?sales analysis report

How to find the cars your customers are looking for

Selling more cars is the name of the game, but if you don’t know your demographic, how are you supposed to stock vehicles people want to buy? A CRM tool can tell you way more about your customer base without leaving you overwhelmed, and it will help you focus on selling one of the millions of units sold in the United States over the past two years.

To begin, though, it’s important to look at the vehicles your current customers are driving to get a better idea of what piques their interest. A sales analysis report might be limited in information, but with AutoRaptor’s CRM tool you can quickly view your client’s history, including their current or past purchases. All of their data is at your fingertips, making your inventory purchases a lot less intimidating.

Are your customers buying cars that are similar to the ones they are trading in? Are they opting for more expensive vehicles? Maybe they already have a car, but they’re looking for a “beater” just to get to and from work or around town.

When you buy smart, you save money in floorplan interest, and vehicles don’t sit on your lot longer than necessary. You don’t want a lot full of high-end vehicles when most of your client’s purchase budget-friendly models. Plus, what do you think it says to customers if your inventory is the same for months on end? It’s important to keep a fresh inventory of cars that appeals to the people approaching your dealership.

Now, we aren’t saying to disregard your sales analysis report entirely.sales analysis report

However, a CRM tool is there to help you from lead generation all the way through sales follow-up with your clients. You can easily access all communication with your customers, such as which units they’re interested in, and any other notes you find helpful to your sales process. Even better, you can get this information from your desktop or your phone, which is especially useful when you’re out of the office and still want to secure that lead. You’ll also never have to worry about losing prospective clients with intelligent automation that brings qualified sales leads to your attention. AutoRaptor’s CRM tool is versatile and focused on what dealerships want: selling more cars.

sales analysis reportMany managers are feeling overwhelmed by piles of data. If you’re one of those managers, your problem isn’t getting the data, it’s figuring out how to whittle down to the right data and use it to your advantage. Thankfully, AutoRaptor knows what information is vital to your success, and it’s all stored in one easy to use web-app. With client contact information effortlessly organized, you can not only customize email blasts and texts, but track responses and client feedback.

While sales analysis reports do have their place in the auto business, a CRM will help you better understand your demographic. Don’t you think it’s time to focus on methods that work the way you need them to? Start using AutoRaptor then take a look at your sales analysis reports next quarter. If you’re using the tools to their full potential, you’ll be happy with what you see.

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