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Dealership CRM Software: The Tool Your Salespeople Need to Close Deals

Thinking about ways to improve sales performance? Dealership CRM software is the tool for you. Get your sales team excited with these integration strategies


Introducing new technology to your sales team is a smart move. If you want to see better sales within the dealership, CRM software is the right choice.

Here’s the rub: CRM technology is not magical fairy dust. It won’t increase performance by itself. It’s a tool—your salespeople need to learn how to use it.

If you’re considering CRM software for your dealership, it’s important that you train your teams to utilize its benefits. Integration into your business strategy will create a smooth transition.

How to integrate dealership CRM software with your sales team: 3 steps to success 

  1. Invest time into thorough training 

The level of training your employees receive will naturally influence how effective they are on the job. Make sure you invest ample time to train your sales team on the features of your new CRM system. Implementation staff will be available to provide training sessions when the system is installed, and then detailed instruction for each person as well.

But, for the sake of time efficiency, the managers at your dealership should know the ins and outs of the tool.

  • Schedule one-on-one training for your managers.
  • Hold weekly meetings for the first couple of months to answer questions and help troubleshoot issues.
  • Make sure every salesperson is present for the initial training sessions.
  • If possible, ask for additional training from your implementation team.
  • Encourage your team to contact the implementation or customer support team when they need help.
  1. Fully integrate the CRM into your business strategy 

Plan out how your dealership CRM software will fit into your current business strategy. What other technology do you use for payroll, HR, and inventory?

Luckily, “dealership” CRM software like AutoRaptor was built to fit the specific needs of your business. The features available will influence a more streamlined approach to customer service, retention, and follow-up.

  • Outline the current system you have laid out for salespeople. What “points of the sale” will be altered with this new technology?
  • How should your salespeople interact with the software? Are there particular times during the day to check the dashboard?
  • Will you require your team to use certain features? What processes will have to be replaced?
  1. Highlight how the tool makes their jobs easier

Finally, it’s time to start selling your team on your new tool. Your salespeople will be thrilled at how intuitive a dealership CRM software can be. The features are specifically tailored to make the salesperson’s job easier and more effective. If your team is hungry to close more deals, they will quickly see the value.

Here are the main features your salespeople will want to see:

  • A hub for lead management: customer up sheets are created and stored in one central place. A simplified lead assignment tool, within the software, allows for faster follow-up and better service. All the information about the prospect is listed and instantly accessible.
  • 24/7 mobile access: your salespeople can access CRM features directly from their phones. There is less time spent sitting in front of the computer, and more time spent closing deals.
    • Scan driver’s licenses to create and save new up sheets from your phone.
    • Scan VIN numbers to pull up information instantly.
    • In-app text messaging and calls with no additional carrier charges.
  • Customized workflow actions steps: do your salespeople already have a workflow in place? Your dealership CRM software will sync with these methods. Everything is customizable. Action steps, reminders, and follow-ups are set to individual needs.
  • Email campaigns: salespeople have the tools to launch email campaigns for leads, past clients, or other contacts. Email templates are available to target different groups.

Bring your salespeople to new heights with dealer-specific technology 

The car business is unique. The CRM software you choose should be catered to the needs of your employees. But remember: a tool works only as well as the person who wields it. Train your sales team and make sure everyone understands the features. Also, lead by example—integrate the CRM into your daily workflow and use it communicate with your team.

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