How to Choose the Top Sales Training Seminars That Will Actually Help Your Team

top sales training seminars

Plenty of companies claim to offer the top sales training seminars, so how can you be sure to choose the right one for your team?

You’re never too busy to prioritize education; it’s essential to your success in an ever-changing industry. You need to be aware of the top sales training seminars so you and your team can fully understand current compliance rules, finance stipulations, and the ever complicated Department of Motor Vehicles and their endless rulebook. Add to that out of state purchases and registration requirements, and it can get even more confusing. You will lose boatloads of money if you aren’t up to date on all of these regulations, and these days dealerships need to do everything possible to stay in the game.

Not every team member needs to know every little rule when it comes to stipulations, but you should always make sure to have multiple people trained to keep things moving even when the primary person is unavailable. Cross training comes in real handy when people are busy with appointments, on vacation, or unexpectedly quit.

Sales training is not a “one and done” deal. It’s imperative to be learning something new every chance you can sales training seminars

Dealership downtime is the perfect chance for individual team members to study the vehicles, take mandatory franchise training and assess what skills they may need to improve, while weekly sales meetings are the perfect chance to address other training issues. A good dealership will always look at its process to make sure it’s as smooth as possible for them, but more importantly the customer. What could be improved? What is a constant struggle? Are we paying a lot of fines for failure to comply? Is funding always delayed for some reason or another? The answers to these questions will lead you in the right direction when it comes to picking the top sales seminars for your team.

Once you have addressed your recent concerns, it’s time to do some research.

You can do an online search and lots of options will come up. Some of it seems spammy, and some of it could be good, but how do you know they’re the top sales training seminars?

Talk to your colleagues

Everyone in the business needs training, so ask where they’ve gone and what they thought of it. Word of mouth is a great way to get an idea of whether or not a course is worth your time. There’s nothing worse than paying a ton for training then finding out it was worthless after the fact.

Stick with tried and true training optionstop sales training seminars

NADA and NIADA have been around for ages, and there is a reason. They are both the most trusted in the business when it comes to dealership knowledge. They offer classes in person and online, and you can be sure to learn current and useful information. Joe Verde is another veteran of the industry, and his seminars mainly focus on how you can improve your sales and management skills. You can choose from audio training, online courses, books and downloadable information, all there to help you increase your profits.

Which is better: Online training or in-person?
In-person training can be beneficial for some, especially when you consider the connections you can make with your industry peers. The downside is that travel expenses add up, and finding the best time to send staff members away is not always easy. Online courses are great because you can fit them into your schedule no matter how crazy it is, and they are usually a lot more affordable. YouTube also has some helpful videos, but it’s never a good idea to use them as your only training resource.

Department of Motor Vehicle regulations are a huge part of sales, and understanding registration laws can save you tons of sales training seminars

Are you continually abating registrations or sending runners back and forth to the branch because it wasn’t done right the first time? Mistakes like this add up to big money when you consider all the time wasted trying to fix them. If you use in-house registration software, it’s likely that they have made your title clerk or someone in the business office take training, which is extremely helpful for understanding the guidelines of your state, but doesn’t cover everything.

Cross training is essential when it comes to DMV regulations, and you should never go with third-party companies when it comes to this stuff. It’s best to get it straight from the source, so call your local branch, and they can get you the contact number to get started. It’s affordable, especially when you consider how much time it could save you by doing the deal right the first time.

The best sales training seminars will focus on the facts and have you walking away feeling more empowered to do your job and do it well. You don’t have to spend a lot, but you do have to make the time to make sure your skills are polished. With all the competition out there, your dealership’s success depends on it.

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