5 Car Sales Motivational Videos to Fire Up Your Sales Team

car sales motivational videos

In car sales, motivational videos can be just what your team needs to start out-selling the competition

Remember the last time you tried to get your dealership sales team revved up with an inspiring, motivational speech? After taking a look at the month’s disappointing sales numbers, you knew you needed to try and light a fire under your salespeople and push them to close more deals.

You went to your office, shut the door, and wrote out a five-page speech that you were convinced would inspire your team to catapult your dealership into legendary sales territory. You even made sure to wear a bright red shirt the day of your sales meeting because you thought it would ignite that subconscious desire to succeed currently lying dormant in the minds of your salespeople.

Things didn’t quite turn out that way, though. As you passionately delivered your car sales motivational speech, you failed to notice your team’s eyes begin to glaze over. They tuned you out, and you had no idea where you went wrong.

Don’t be too hard on yourself—you’re not a professional motivational speaker, and sometimes, you have to bring in the big guns to propel employees forward. This is where car sales motivational videos can be beneficial in stimulating your sales force.

Want to improve car sales? Motivational videos can be invaluable

The right car sales motivational videos can inspire your sales team by getting them tocar sales motivational videos think critically. You don’t want just to yell “Sell more cars! I know you can do it! I believe in you!” at your salespeople and hope it sticks—give them inspiring videos that make them think, tug at their heart strings, and get them to look at their approach or technique a different way.

It’s up to you how to share these videos with your team. Some sales managers like to send out a weekly “Motivational Monday” email with a quick video to watch; others show them at the sales meetings, so they know everyone is watching them. Figure out what works best for your sales team.

You can find plenty of great car sales motivational videos on YouTube or just by doing a simple Google search—your team isn’t the only one out there that needs motivation! Make sure you watch any videos in full before you send them, though. There are some videos that are motivational but may have slightly inappropriate language or content for the workplace.

Share these car sales motivational videos with your team

1. Al Pacino’s speech from Any Given Sunday

If you’re looking for a solid motivational speech, sports movies seem to do the trick every time. Al Pacino’s inspirational monologue in the film Any Given Sunday consistently ranks among the best of the best. It doesn’t matter that the speech is about football because it isn’t just about football—it’s about finding the strength to rise above the challenges that life throws at us.

2. Don Draper’s Kodak Carousel Ad Pitch

In the show “Mad Men,” Don Draper was king of the sales pitch. This video shows a clip of him at his best: pitching the Carousel concept to Kodak. Draper’s speech serves as a reminder for salespeople that selling is not just about pushing a product—it’s about making an emotional connection with the customer.

3. Denzel Washington’s Commencement Address

The University of Pennsylvania’s class of 2011 was lucky enough to have actor Denzel Washington speak at their graduation ceremony. If your salespeople have been discouraged by a lot of recent failures, Washington’s speech may be just what they need to remember that everyone fails and it’s never a good idea to give up.

4. Steve Job’s Rules for Success


This video is a short clip in which Apple founder Steve Jobs talks about the importance of having a passion for what you do. If you feel like there are some salespeople on your team who are underperforming because they aren’t passionate about what they do, this video may weed them out and encourage them to move on to a different profession—and likewise, it will inspire the committed salespeople to try harder.

5. Shia LaBeouf – Just Do It

Not all car sales motivational videos have to be so serious. Help your team loosen up a little—especially if things have been tense lately—and show them this short, funny motivational video. LaBeouf’s delivery is what brings the laughs, but at the same time, what he’s saying is 100 percent true.

Motivating a sales team is no easy task, but with the right videos in your back pocket, you may just find your team improving their performance—and even asking when you’re planning to share another motivational video.

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