Car Dealership Advertising Ideas for Summertime

car dealership advertising ideas

Fresh car dealership advertising ideas to bring summer fun to your lot

When you think about summertime, what comes to mind? Barbecues, outdoor sports, vacation, beach days—people generally on the move, looking for adventure and fun.

When you market yourself as a pre-owned car dealer, it’s your job to answer one question for potential customers: how will your products make their life better? That’s what the best car dealership advertising ideas stem from—giving consumers what they want, how they want it, right now.

Now that it’s summer, it’s a smart idea to align your advertising with the season.

car dealership advertising ideas

4 Car dealership advertising ideas that will boost summertime sales

1. Leverage social media for back-to-school promotions and deals

We all know that Facebook is a game changer for car dealerships. It gives a voice to businesses. It allows targeted ads, which are measurable and efficient. But there are other options out there in the social media realm.

Enter Instagram. Yes, the tool all young kids use for selfies and taking pictures of food.

For summertime promotions—particularly back-to-school deals–Instagram reaches a sizable audience of young consumers. It’s a platform that could work to sell your entry-level products.

It’s a simple equation: entry-level products + back-to-school deals + targeted Instagram ads = more sales.

There are many ways to make Instagram a cornerstone tool for car dealers, but here are a few tips to make these ads work:

  • Always include quality photos of your vehicles
  • Include people in the photos so viewers can “picture themselves” using it
  • Carousel and video ads catch more attention

2. Sponsor local events in the your area

The summer months create opportunities to connect with local communities. Consider your sponsorship budget and plan to support activities that expose the dealership’s brand.

Think about your strategy. Every promotion, sponsorship, or advertisement has a checklist.

  • A professional, unique logo for your dealership
  • A memorable, catchy slogan that captures personality
  • An easy path to connect with your business
  • An offer that entices people to get in contact

After that, pick a few events that will expose your business to the right audiences. What businesses or organizations can you partner with? Who can open doors to potential buyers?

  • Minor league or Little League sporting events (branded t-shirts and equipment helps too!)
  • Outdoor community events (concerts, fundraisers, cookouts, and parades)
  • Businesses or organizations that support causes that local people care about

3. Get creative with summer-themed YouTube videos

Video is the way people consume information these days – and we’re not talking about TV commercials (though you can make them a valid part of your marketing). It’s video “content”—useful, short clips that answer questions and provide interesting stories.

You might be thinking, “Yeah, well, every video I’ve watched from a car dealer on YouTube has only 200 views and no comments.”

But that’s better than zero, isn’t it? Seriously, just like any other strategy, building up a successful YouTube channel for your dealership takes time, effort, and consistency.

Start by creating summer-themed videos to promote your cars. It doesn’t have to be perfect! What matters is that you’re creating content that’s getting in front of an audience. Share those videos on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and watch the views grow.

4. Create giveaways that make sense for the warm weather

Giveaways are your bread and butter. It’s kept many car dealers in business. But do you mix up giveaways at your car dealership? Advertising ideas like freebies should align with what’s most attractive to your target audience RIGHT NOW.

Think beyond a free car wash. Unless you’re offering a car wash with surprising value, it’s not very exciting. Get creative!

  • Host a free live music event and barbecue at your dealership (hire local stars to show their talents)
  • Offer “ride alongs” in classic or vintage vehicles
  • Create foot traffic by getting the word out about a raffle prize with tremendous value (but people must enter in-person at the shop)

Whether you run your marketing on a tight budget or have an extra stash just for summer promotions, take advantage of these and other car dealership advertising ideas to make the season an unforgettable one.

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