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Automotive Mobile Marketing Tips to Turn Leads into Customers

Dealerships that prioritize automotive mobile marketing see big profits. Will your business be next?

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When the Internet started to become a major force in the automotive industry, dealers were forced to re-think the way they were marketing their vehicles. Today, successful dealerships must have websites. Dealers need to think even further beyond the concept of having a website, however, and consider how consumers are accessing that website. Are they on a desktop computer? Are they surfing on a tablet? Or, are they using their smartphones to perform a mobile search? Is your dealership website primed for automotive mobile marketing?

Americans are spending more time using mobile devices than desktop, and the trend is even making its way into the automotive industry — one in four car purchasers turns to mobile every day to research vehicles. Car shoppers are using their smartphones to compare inventory and deals — even while they’re at a dealership — so you need to take key steps to ensure your dealership’s online presence is catering to the mobile crowd.

Set your dealership up for success with automotive mobile marketing

A solid mobile website is going to have the same desired effect as a desktop website: It is going to get customers to walk in the door of your dealership. Here are a few things you can do to ramp up your automotive mobile marketing.

1. Make sure you have a responsive website01-Automotive Mobile Marketing Tips to Turn Leads into Customers

Some dealerships have full desktop websites designed, and then separately design their mobile websites. While it’s excellent that they’re invested in a mobile site, there is another, usually much more cost-effective way to be mobile-friendly (and only have to update one website): using what is called a “responsive” design.

Responsive websites automatically adapt to the type of device they are being viewed on. That means if a customer views your website on a smartphone, it will reconfigure itself to look like a mobile site rather than a desktop site. A responsive design will ensure customers are always seeing the best version of your website, no matter what type of device the are using.

2. Invest in high-quality photos

Photos are incredibly important for various Internet functions, and that importance shouldn’t be understated when it comes to mobile marketing. If someone is shopping for a car online, they want to see good pictures — not just a short description and a button to call the dealership. Give them all the tools they need to completely research the vehicles they are interested in.

Google says that, “Search interest for ‘pictures of [automotive brand]’ is up 37% year-over-year. Perhaps sparked by what people see out on the road or in parking lots, 80% of these searches are happening on mobile.”02-Automotive Mobile Marketing Tips to Turn Leads into Customers-01

3. Online inventory should be easily scanned

An organized online inventory for mobile customers can be key to your success. The list should have one picture per vehicle, a price, and a sentence or two of basic information. If the individual is interested in learning more, they can click on a specific vehicle to read additional info on a different page. Less is more when you are creating an online inventory because consumers on mobile should be able to easily scan and scroll through the offerings without being overloaded with too much information.

4. Add easy call-t0-action buttons

One big advantage to mobile marketing is that you know the consumer already has their phone in-hand. On a mobile website, you can add call-t0-action buttons that result in that person calling your dealership directly.

For example, add buttons to “Make an Appointment,” “Call for Availability,” or “Get More Info.” Of course, not all CTA buttons need to connect the consumer to your dealership via phone — they could also lead to a quick form-fill in which they ask you to contact them. Either way, these calls to action create an easy way to start a conversation between you and the prospective customer.03-Automotive Mobile Marketing Tips to Turn Leads into Customers-01

Prioritizing automotive mobile marketing can create big returns

It can be difficult to keep up with advancements in technology, but it’s impossible to ignore the effect automotive mobile marketing is having on the industry. By ensuring your dealership’s online presence is optimized for the mobile market, you’ll be securing its place as a top destination for car buyers in your area.

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