6 Auto Sales Motivational Videos to Save a Sales Team

sales motivational videosSales motivational videos can help put that spark back in your salespeople when it seems like nothing else will work.

Maintaining motivation in the workplace is a challenge, regardless of your industry or position. But when your sales team loses motivation — and can’t seem to find it, no matter what you do — everyone in the dealership feels the decrease in profits. Keeping salespeople motivated to sell cars, please customers, and exceed expectations is essential to the success of any auto dealership. But, what do you do when nothing seems to be working?

If incentives like money and prizes aren’t huge motivating factors for your team anymore, they may be seeking a deeper type of motivation that touches their minds and hearts. Although physical incentives are always nice, they aren’t necessarily going to give your salespeople a sense of purpose, accomplishment, or increase their drive to succeed.

You’ve probably tried your best to deliver a few motivating speeches in your sales meetings, but now, it’s time to back away from the podium and let some new voices give it a shot — it’s time to show your team a few sales motivational videos.

How you choose to present these videos is up to you. You may want to make it a group affair and show a sales motivational video up on the big screen, or maybe you’d like to be a little lower key and e-mail out a “Motivational Monday” video link each week.

Consider the dynamic of your sales team and choose the method of delivery you think would be most effective for their personalities.

Boost your auto sales: motivational videos to inspire and excite

Different people will be motivated by different types of videos, so this small collection includes a little bit of everything: serious, thought-provoking, funny, cute, and even one that’s downright angry (complete with a little cursing, so encourage salespeople to wear their headphones when they watch that one.)

1. Think like a successful person

What’s the difference between successful and unsuccessful people? Brendon Burchard, a motivational speaker and New York Times best-selling author, will lay it all out for your sales team in a simple way that will provide big motivation to be better.

2. Sometimes, kids know best

If your sales team seems a bit jaded these days, this quick minute-long video will undoubtedly put smiles on their faces (and maybe help them remember the spirit and drive they had when they were younger).

3. The psychology of self-motivation

You’ve tried to motivate your team, but at the end of the day, they really need to motivate themselves. In this TEDx Talk, Scott Geller talks about the psychology of self-motivation and hopefully, will encourage your salespeople to find strength from within.

4. Let Alec Baldwin do the talking

Glengarry Glen Ross is a classic movie for anyone who works in sales, and Alec Baldwin’s (NSFW) monologue is up there among the best. His tough love approach to motivating a bunch of underperforming salespeople may just be what your team needs.

5. The 8 secrets of success

TED Talks never fail to inspire, but they can be a little long sometimes, and your salespeople may not have the time (or patience) to sit and watch. This TED Talk video, however, is only three minutes and gives a great, quick overview of the secrets of success.

6. Finding that passion

Sometimes you just need a good old-fashioned compilation video that combines video clips, audio quotes, and inspiring music. This short video about passion features some of the greatest leaders and innovators of our time and will certainly speak to your team in an authentic way.

Encourage your team to share other sales motivational videos

Once you begin regularly showing motivational videos to your sales team, open the floor up — ask them to find a video that really speaks to them and share it with the rest of the team. It will show you value their opinions and make consistent motivation a team effort rather than just a managerial effort.

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