An Auto Sales Meeting Agenda Template to Use Over and Over Again

Create a road map with this auto sales meeting agenda template and watch your team’s attitude toward this weekly “inconvenience” change.
sales meeting agenda template

When was the last time your team looked excited about their weekly auto sales meeting? If your dealership is like most others, it has probably been a while.

Sales meetings have a bad reputation because most people know they’re supposed to have them, but they don’t necessarily know how to run them. So, instead of having a compelling hour of team-building, salespeople get bored, restless, and lose motivation to get out there and sell.

For auto sales professionals, time is money. If they’re not out on the lot or in the showroom actively engaging a potential customer, they’re losing money. As the individual responsible for planning the weekly sales meetings, you need to make sure that you are organized, the salespeople understand the purpose of the meeting, and everyone feels as if they’re getting something out of it. When salespeople feel like you’re respecting their time and sharing key information, your weekly auto sales meeting will ultimately be a much more enjoyable experience for everyone.

How can you organize the meeting? By creating a sales meeting agenda ahead of time and handing it out to your team beforehand.

An agenda gives you a roadmap to ensure you are covering everything you wanted to talk about, and it immediately relieves a lot of anxiety and tension that the salespeople may be feeling in the meeting. They understand the purpose, what will be covered, and how their time will be spent. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Not sure where to start when it comes to creating an agenda? Here’s an auto sales meeting agenda template you can use every single week — feel free to tweak or adjust as appropriate, depending on the topics you want to prioritize.

Let this auto sales meeting agenda template help you guide your team

Walking into a sales meeting, your mind is likely swirling with all the information you want to share. However, by the time you walk out of the room an hour later, you probably feel frustrated by the tangents you went off on, the lectures, and the negative vibes everyone was giving off. Stay in control and on track by using this sales meeting agenda template.

Open on a positive note

Share any successes from the past week and acknowledge employees for a job well done. This is also a good time to share happy birthday wishes or call attention to other important life milestones.

Address frustrations

Let salespeople voice any frustrations they may have, but keep it short, and keep it productive. This isn’t an open forum for complaining — if a person communicates a frustration, he should also be willing to help figure out a solution.

Discuss inventory

Announce and review any incoming vehicles so your staff always know the products available to sell. Ask about any vehicles that customers have been requesting. Evaluate vehicles that have been sitting on the lot for a while, and brainstorm ideas for how to sell them (and why they may not be selling).

Share manufacturer news

Salespeople should always be up-to-date on the latest news from the vehicle manufacturers. Tell them about new models, recalls, and anything else they should know.

Allow short presentations from salespeople

Get your team involved in the meeting so it’s not just you talking at them every week. Ahead of every meeting, assign one employee to present to the group about a sales technique or sales-related topic. This keeps everyone engaged and encourages continuing education.

Go around the table

As you near the end of your meeting, go around the table and let each salesperson have a moment to share any personal “wins” from the past week, any deals they have in the pipeline, and what they are hoping to accomplish for the coming week.

Close on a positive note

Remember that positive note you opened the meeting on? Remember to close it the same way. Share a motivational quote, video, thought, or even a joke. You want to send your team back to work with a smile on their faces and motivation to succeed.

Again, feel free to tweak this auto sales meeting agenda template to fit your presentation style and your team. The goal is to help you organize your thoughts in a productive way and run an effective, positive auto sales meeting.

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