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5 Clever Car Sales Lead Generation Ideas

Are you paying top dollar for hack leads? It's time to start investing in new car sales lead generation strategies! 

Are you paying top dollar for hack leads? It’s time to start investing in new car sales lead generation strategies! 



A closed sale begins with one thing: a quality lead. Your car dealership is always looking for good leads—people who are ready to buy or have serious interest. As a sales manager, you’re probably sick of paying top dollar for sub-prime leads from third parties. So why not invest in new car sales lead generation ideas?

The internet is a wide-open playing field for car dealers who want to generate new business. With the right strategy and tools, your dealership will attract “well-scrubbed” leads without having to pay big money.

Our top 5 unexpected car sales lead generation ideas 01_car-sales-lead-generation-ideas

1. Publish useful and educational content on your blog 

Did you ever think a blog would be the answer to your lead generation problems? Probably not. But it’s true: regularly published blog content, optimized for online search engines (SEO), will bring in more leads. This strategy works not only to attract more online traffic, but also to build trust with your potential customers.

Here are a few tips to get started:

  • Assign an in-house writer or freelancer to write at least 1-2 posts a week.
  • Make sure the writer knows SEO practices and demonstrates a mastery of English grammar.
  • Develop a publishing calendar. Pick the days you’re going to post and stick to them.
  • Write content your customers would want to read. A good example topic: “5 Ways to Choose the Perfect Car for Your Teenager. We Can Help!”

2. Re-engage past customers with targeted promotions using AutoRaptor CRM

Your sales team should always keep regular contact with past customers. Repeat business is one of the best lead sources to tap. Maybe they want to trade-in or have a child looking to purchase his first car. But there’s only one way to find out: you have to ask!

  • Target specific groups based on demographics, vehicle purchases, family size, etc.
  • Write personalized emails with promotions tailored to wants or needs.
  • Send texts with useful information such as inventory information or service and maintenance tips.
  • Schedule custom based tasks on response to ensure clients are answered promptly, even on busy days.

02_car-sales-lead-generation-ideas3. Build your website into a car sales lead generation machine 

Your website is the digital door to your dealership. It’s the main ingredient for a successful online presence, marketing strategy, and lead generation tool. There are several ways to utilize your website and have it convert web traffic into qualified leads.

  • Optimize every page with SEO keywords and conversion architecture.
  • Video content is great for catching attention.
  • Create interviews with salespeople, virtual presentations of vehicles, customers testimonials, etc.
  • Generate email lists by giving free content or gifts in exchange for email addresses.

4. Get creative with your referral programs 

Are your referral incentives working at their maximum potential? Chances are you could gather stronger leads by creating more engaging programs. Here’s a tip: money offers don’t always motivate customers into action. If you want to generate better referrals, consider targeting different motivations.

  • Pay it forward. Tell your customer that every referral she sends in will receive a special discount. People like to help out friends and family!
  • Ask customers to spread the word. Tell your customers to send a Facebook update referring your dealership. If they receive over 50 likes, they get a free tune-up and tire rotation from the service department.

5. Pick up the phone (it still works!) 03_car-sales-lead-generation-ideas

Old school methods are unexpected these days. Help your salespeople conquer their cold calling fears. Of course, none of your calls should be frozen stiff—use this strategy for your past contacts, customers, or qualified lead sources. You’d be surprised at how much business can be drawn up by making ten phone calls a day. With AutoRaptor automation tools, it’s easy to multiply the number of potential buyers contacted so you can fill the day with tasks that bring in more leads.

A few tips for effective cold calls:

  • Be prepared with in-depth knowledge of your offer and why it’s important to the customer.
  • Use customizable cold call phone scripts and regularly monitor their effectiveness with AutoRaptor reporting tools.
  • Think of every failed attempt as a practice shot. Don’t get discouraged in the short run.
  • Give yourself a month to see good results from salespeople. Use AutoRaptor to maintain accountability and see which efforts are most profitable.

Stop paying third parties! Create your own car sales lead generation system with AutoRaptor CRM Software

The internet has given every business, large and small, the power to promote itself effectively. If you take the time to build up a strong online presence, with an optimized website, you’ve done half the work already. Take a look at the strategies you have in place and brainstorm new ideas (referral programs, for instance). And don’t be afraid to use a CRM. Dealerships that take advantage of AutoRaptor’s automation features are a lot more efficient and profitable than those that don’t.

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