Texting is Now Compliant with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act

Due to updates and stricter enforcement of the TCPA, we have changed our texting workflow.  These changes will ensure that your dealership and all of its Sales Reps work in compliance with these regulations.


What does this mean?

You must get express written consent to text the customer and you must give customers a way to opt out of your text messages. If you would like a more comprehensive overview, click here.


How will it work in AutoRaptor?

Once you have the customer’s express written consent to text message them, you must check the box in their contact profile, see picture below. This will allow the texting feature to be usable for that particular contact. This applies to manually created up sheets and internet leads.




Next, when you send a text message to the customer they will also receive a message  that gives them the option to opt-out from receiving texts from the dealership. The messaging reads:


You’ll now receive texts from Eagle Auto Group. Reply “STOP” at cancel, “START” to opt back in, and “HELP” for help. Msg & data rates may apply.


All activities will be logged on the customer’s up sheet. Check out the picture to see an example.



What if the customer opts out?

If the customer texts “STOP” to cancel their text messaging consent, then the dealership will no longer be able to communicate with that person by text message. If the customer would like to re-engage in texting with the dealership, they must opt themselves back in by texting “START” to their existing conversation.


What about our current texting conversations?

For your convenience, any customers that have already texted you and your dealership will be automatically marked as ‘Opted in’ to receive text messages. This means that continuing existing conversations requires no effort on your part.


Please let us know if you have any questions.