“Car guy,” Howard Leavitt, has spent over 40 years establishing a strong reputation as one of the brightest and most accomplished retail managers on the U.S. automotive scene. And as founder/inventor of AutoRaptor, he has leveraged his genius in developing the perfect showroom tool that not only aces traditional CRMs, but actually gets used.

For at least 25 years throughout his career, Leavitt was frustrated by the existing sales solutions that prevailing DMS systems offered. They were clumsy, complex and so intimidating that few sales people mastered them. And not only were they over-the-top expensive, they were designed simply to collect data—not to sell cars.

Determined to find a better, faster way to work, Leavitt set about designing a desktop system that would combine the best of both worlds: astute customer follow up and essential deal financing information. The result? AutoRaptor—the revolutionary, new CRM financial Web-based sales solution created exclusively for the automotive industry.

Using AutoRaptor, dealers can increase the speed and accuracy of quotes and store the calculations along with customer data. Its intuitive responsiveness supports time-consuming processes such as calculations of cash, loan and leasing information right within its CRM application. Extremely cost effective, AutoRaptor makes the most sense for dealers who are looking for faster desking time on all their deals.

Leavitt’s advice to dealers who are about to purchase a pricey CRM system from a DMS provider? “Remember that traditional CRMs from the DMS heavyweights are designed to collect data—not to sell cars.”