Howard Leavitt spent over 50 years establishing a strong reputation as one of the brightest and most accomplished retail managers on the U.S. automotive scene. As founder/inventor of AutoRaptor, he has leveraged that experience to develop a powerful lead and customer management tool with intuitive features that get used and delivers results to its dealers.

For at least 25 years throughout his career, Leavitt was frustrated by the existing sales solutions that prevailing DMS systems and third-party CRM applications offered. They were so clumsy, complex, and intimidating that few sales people mastered them. And not only were they over-the-top expensive, they were designed simply to collect data—not to sell cars.

Determined to find a better, faster way to work, Leavitt set about designing a desktop system that would combine the best of both worlds: astute customer follow-up and essential integrations. Adapting to the change the Internet brought to the automotive space he opted to produce a web-based solution versus the traditional software/hardware. The result?

AutoRaptor — a revolutionary, new CRM created to exclusively serve automotive dealers. The guiding principle was and is to build a cost effective powerful application that gets used.

Leavitt’s advice to dealers who are shopping for a CRM provider, “Think about your sales team first as they will be the primary users of the CRM. Adoption and usability are key to getting a return on your investment!”