How to Make Modern Sales Strategies Work for You

modern sales strategies

Incorporate modern sales strategies into your dealership to reach more customers ready to make a deal

Car sales have changed a lot over the past decade. It seems as if there’s a new trend developing every month, and it’s hard to know which of these modern sales strategies work. Some work well only in specific markets and others take time, money, and patience to reap the rewards.

So how do you make modern sales strategies work for your dealership? Which ones are worth trying?

modern sales strategies

Modern sales strategies your auto dealership can embrace today

Social media

Social media is unavoidable in this day and age. Consumers rely on websites like Google, Facebook, and Yelp to help them discover new restaurants, stores, and even car dealerships. This approach can be frustrating for dealerships who aren’t fond of technology, but to be successful in today’s market you have to be connected.

Most franchises require you to maintain a five-star or completely satisfied rating, and with good reason. It’s free advertising, so don’t let it intimidate you. Social media can help you get more dealership traffic and is a modern sales strategy that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Internet sales

Car buying websites have increased in popularity. Customers like having a vast inventory to choose from, and these sites offer just that. There is usually a cost associated with having your inventory listed on websites such as TrueCar or, but it’s necessary to put yourself out there. You are much better off listing vehicles on these sites than you are posting ads in the local paper. You have access to a much larger audience and may even attract out of state customers.

Digital communication

While cold calling is still an approach that can lead to sales, a lot of customers now prefer digital communication such as texts or emails. With a CRM tool like AutoRaptor, you can customize texts and emails, and schedule them to be sent out. Instead of being tied to your phone, you can select which specific group you want to market to, customize the information, and then schedule them for the most optimal time. Emails and texts are also helpful because you can send vehicle images and make notes on what the customer has to say about each one. Everything is stored in one place, helping you get to know your customers better while also streamlining your sales process.

Reduce your paper trail

This one scares a lot of the experienced salespeople, but a lot of banks are now allowing dealerships to process contracts electronically. Going paperless not only saves trees but money, too. If your bank rep hasn’t already come in to sell you on this idea, give them a call. Going paperless is not as scary as you’d think. Since all your documents are digital, there is no more organizing and reordering forms, and everything is literally all in one place. Chances are your franchise is already making your service department print a million papers to go with each repair order, so why not reduce paper waste whenever possible?

Customer relationship management

CRMs have been around for a long time, but AutoRaptor has all the tools to help your dealership succeed. With features to help you track your inventory, sales activity, and a mobile app to keep you connected at any time, anywhere, you can significantly improve your sales process. CRMs help you stay ahead of the competition allowing you to market to the right client base. By tracking all sales and leads acquired, and having them all in one place, you will be a lot more successful.

Gone are the days of a million post-it notes all over your office. Everything is in one place and organized, and you save more money on office supplies. Investing in a CRM is one of the best things you could do for your dealership, and has a way better ROI than some of those get-rich-quick sales promotions your competitions always seems to have going.

There is no doubt that car sales methods have changed over the years, but if you adapt to these modern sales strategies, you can appeal to a much broader audience while making back your monthly subscription fees, and then some.

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