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How to Ensure Success at Buy Here Pay Here Dealerships

buy here pay here dealerships

Organization. Yes, you heard that right. Organization is a key factor in the success of your dealership.

As unlikely as it may sound, staying organized can turn a poorly run dealership into a well-oiled machine. When your team has everything they need to do their jobs, they will be happier, and in turn, your customers will be, too. A lot of buy here pay here dealerships have a small team and everyone is multi-tasking. The car business is already hectic, but when you have people trying to do more than one job, they get stretched thin, and it’s harder to focus on moving cars off your here pay here dealerships

That lack of focus can lead to disappointing customer experiences, and in today’s digital age, we need to do everything we can to get that completely satisfied rating. Keeping your customers happy starts before they even walk in the door. Give your team a proper work environment with all the tools they need to help them focus on what they are there to do: provide excellent customer service while selling more cars!

How buy here pay here dealerships can turn chaos into customer satisfaction

Your first step is to put a process in place to keep your financing forms and vehicle titles in order. If your paperwork is a mess, you’re probably also breaking a ton of compliance rules. It’s best to keep everything neatly put away in your business office, with any overflow close by. Keep titles in a safe or fireproof file cabinet, and have someone in charge of tracking the ones that aren’t in yet. You don’t want the added cost of applying for duplicates just because you’re here pay here dealerships

If you find you’re too busy, it helps to make a friend in the office. They usually order all the office supplies and forms, so ask them to help you stock up and organize between customers. When you have what you need, there is no going back and forth with a customer because you forgot something important like a signature.

Another critical factor in staying organized is how you catalog client information. Is your dealership using a CRM tool? If they aren’t, they should be. A good CRM will help you store customer contact information, organize leads and appointments, and provide automated text and email services, saving you precious time that you could spend selling cars.

Mobile tools, like Autoraptor, allow you to scan licenses and VINs, which is way easier than trying to get the contrast on the copy machine right or searching forever for that post-it note you left somewhere in the dealership. The best part of using a mobile app is that you can work anytime, anywhere. You could work a deal or make appointments even when you’re out of the office. In today’s competitive market, there’s no reason not to utilize these amazing tools to get your hands on as many leads as possible.

Another great benefit of a CRM is the ability to monitor sales trends. Report functions help you focus your time on customers that are most likely to visit your BHPH dealerships. You can send out group texts to specific groups of customers. Automation is such a great time-saving feature, especially if you have a small here pay here dealerships

All this technology sounds great, right? It might to you, but maybe not to your more experienced team members. People who have been selling cars for a long time might have a hard time accepting the changes you want to put in place because they know what works for them. Once they see how easy it is, and how it can increase their sales, they’re sure to change their tune. Who wouldn’t be happy with an increase in commissions? Many of the best dealerships have integrated a CRM tool into their daily routine.

The best way to get everyone using your CRM tool is to incorporate the use of these new features into your meetings, talk about it, and most importantly use it! Set the example and also a deadline. It’s important everyone is on the same page, so your reporting is accurate. Once everyone is set up, it’s going to be a total game changer. You can focus on trends and activities that will turn leads into sales. When you take the time to set up processes that work, it shows in your numbers and makes your day to day a lot more productive.

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