How to Attract Used Car Leads Online

Overwhelmed with Resources

Attracting online used car leads online to your dealership can be an arduous business. Without an efficient way to capture real leads, efforts and time spent to attract them is unfocused and results in little success. It’s actually easier than ever to use online means, however; the issue for many is knowing what to utilize from the vast platform that is the web. Here a few tips to make this overwhelming task one that is instead simple, enjoyable, and successful.

Zero In

Harness the resources of the wild, wild web and see the difference it makes in generating and keeping used car leads!

Tip 1: Entice with Images

Every image you show is another nudge for leads to consider your used car offerings over your competitors. What’s the optimal number of images? Nine, according to recent data from CarStory. In fact, the amount of leads actually dimishes for dealers that post more than nine images. So, don’t underestimate the impact that images can generate. If you’re proud of your inventory, potential leads notice. If someone is really considering your dealership, it’s because of the automotove selection they see. A true lead will respond to the visuals they’re presented with, so don’t miss out on this opportunity. Include online images of what’s under the hood, on the seats, and in the dashboard.

Tip 2: Transparency Builds Trust

Tell. The. Truth. Leads who are attracted to your product will be even more enamored with your honesty. Make the automotive history of your inventory readily accessible for used car leads through tools such as CARFAX or AutoCheck, building both rapport and credibility. Credibility is the one thing that separates your dealership, dinguishing it from the host of less than upstanding ads and lead chasers prevalent online.

Tip 3: Understand Where Your Customers Are Searching For Information

In this day and age, customers are turning to a variety of online platforms to find your dealership. From social media to organic search, there are many methods to attract visitors. For millenials, the social media platform with the biggest audience is Facebook. Part 1 of our automotive social media marketing series addresses Facebook tactics specifically for dealers. Older demographics may turn to Craiglist. Learn how to sell more cars on Craigsist here. Finally, use keywords on your website and in your ads to attract used car leads.

Now, the rest is up to you. By taking these few, practical tips to heart, you’ll be on your way to seeing an uptick in the number of used car leads you generate. Imagery, honesty, and excitement will position you as a dealership that cares about people — not just profit.


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