Autoraptor review

Increasing sales by 18%? This small dealer did, and so can you.


The Challenge

In Joplin, MO, Car Credit Solutions, a small, independent Lease Here Pay Here dealership, had long struggled to compete with the area’s monster franchise dealers. Offering in-house financing and a 30- to 40-car inventory of 2002-2014 domestic autos, it was in the depths of a slow sales year in 2013. The U.S. economy was stagnant, unemployment wasn’t dropping as fast as economists hoped, and Missouri’s growth in both areas actually lagged behind the rest of the country.

Credit Car Solutions couldn’t just sit back and wait for customers to show up in an economy like that. It had to go above and beyond. And it wasn’t that the dealership didn’t have customers: The problem was that the sales team was working in the traditional way: Their notes about each customer contact were on yellow legal pads, inventory was detailed in a separate DRM system, e-leads lived online somewhere else, and information about walk-ins was “managed” randomly. What’s more, this scattered system made it difficult for sales manager to monitor and help his team work efficiently.

Everyone was working hard, but they weren’t working better.

That’s when Car Credit Solutions turned to AutoRaptor, the most powerful, efficient, easy-to-use CRM available in the auto sales industry today. In fact, Car Credit Solutions discovered that AutoRaptor is more than just a CRM: It literally streamlines and automates daily tasks, gives managers at-a-glance supervision of each sales rep’s performance, integrates seamlessly with  inventory management programs, and automates customized email and text marketing – and all without requiring Car Credit Solutions to buy software or hardware, commit to a long-term contract, or hire an IT professional.


The Solution

Here’s how it worked for Car Credit Solutions:

  • AutoRaptor was easily integrated with the company’s website provider, and organized all of their leads, from a variety of sources, in one place, enlarging their lead base and allowing the sales team to manage and leverage those leads efficiently and effectively, and turn one-time leads into long-term customers. “We’ve experienced the benefit of having a place to capture all the data and to really manage it with action plans,” explains Car Credit Solutions Sales Manager Kit Eaker.


  • Credit Car Solutions utilized AutoRaptor’s user-friendly, automated email campaign feature to market their available inventory to targeted customers, leading to a dramatic increase in closing sales percentages – which were also easily tracked with AutoRaptor.


  • The company’s sales reps took advantage of the AutoRaptor mobile app to scan drivers licenses, get demographic data about the customer, and scan VIN codes to help develop trade information right on the lot, smoothing the entire sales process for both the dealer and the customer.


  • Sales reps used AutoRaptor’s built-in texting feature to quickly follow up with customers who prefer text contact, reach out to them with promotional texts and more – prompted by AutoRaptor’s automated daily task generation system – leading to better customer relationships and more sales.


  • The sales manager used the AutoRaptor dashboard to track who and what were generating the most sales, allowing the dealership to focus its resources on the people and processes that worked, and eliminate what didn’t.


The Numbers

The numbers don’t lie, and Car Credit Solutions not only experienced a huge improvement in business, but set itself up to survive and even thrive in the future, no matter what twists and turns the world takes.

The results:

  • Leads increased by 3%
  • Closing percentage increased by 12%
  • Overall sales increased by 18%
  • Average gross profit per sale rose to $2,800

The proof:

AutoRaptor Case Study

















AutoRaptor Case Study














The Conclusion:

To experience these results in your dealership, talk to your AutoRaptor sales representative or visit today. All of the above is available to you right now, no matter what the size of your company, and implemented quickly and easily, regardless of how computer-savvy your sales team is.

As you can see from the Car Credit Solutions story, there’s really no reason to keep doing things the way you have been, and thousands of reasons to turn to AutoRaptor right now – for the future.