Is my data safe with AutoRaptor?

It sure is. We work hard to earn and keep your trust. Protecting your data and ensuring that AutoRaptor is available — any time, anywhere — are among our highest priorities. After all, we can’t help you grow your business if the beauty of AutoRaptor and your precious data aren’t ready when you are.

So, how do we do it?

AutoRaptor is in the ‘cloud’ and only accessible via a secure connection using a modern web browser. We use the same kind of security for those connections that banks do, and regularly update our server software to ensure that your data remains safe.

Unlike that server in the back room, AutoRaptor runs at one of the strongest and most secure data centers in the United States. Ten foot high razor wire fences, armed guards, and the most sophisticated methods for ensuring that only authorized personnel are allowed access to the servers humming with AutoRaptor.

And unlike that server in the back room, AutoRaptor’s data is obsessively backed up and secured no matter what.

 Worried about your competitors stealing your AutoRaptor data?

Don’t be. Just as your data is safe from the prying eyes of those who aren’t AutoRaptor customers, it’s also safe from other AutoRaptor customers. It’s just like having your own, private database — just better.

AutoRaptor also has powerful data access features to control what each of your employees can see or do. Because we know that all the sophisticated data security that we have in place doesn’t matter if the wrong person gets the wrong access to your data from within AutoRaptor itself.

As with everything — including data security — AutoRaptor is here to help make it easy to do the right thing. Succeed.