Test Drive on the Fly

With QuickScan ID Verification built into our CRM, you can verify a customer’s identity in seconds so they can jump in the Driver’s seat the moment they hit the lot.

Verify from Anywhere

Customers can verify their ID from their phone, remotely, or directly at your dealership. Verifications are directly linked to their Up Sheet.

Privacy & Security

QuickScan securely stores this private data on 700Credit’s FTC Safeguard Compliant servers.

Enable Remote Test Drives

Verify buyers for a test drive before they even get to the dealership. Verification takes seconds.

Support Your Advanced Retailing Sales Strategies

Buying habits and communication styles have changed. Stay ahead of the pack by giving your buyers the tools to make buying a car easy.

Better & Faster Customer Experience

Have your buyers ready to test drive the moment they hit the lot.


Dealers save $10,800 per year on average for each location when they switch to AutoRaptor.

We are wildly obsessed with our customer's success! Each plan includes:

AutoRaptor offers a user-friendly, swift, and highly dependable solution. We’ve meticulously crafted every interface element with car salespeople in mind, prioritizing efficiency over unnecessary complexity.

We felt it was really genius and super easy to integrate. We were immediately able to jump in and take advantage of what AutoRaptor had to offer. We didn’t look at any other CRMs because this one did everything we needed it to do.

Jon Higgins

Carmix Auto Sales

AutoRaptor QuickScan

Know your Buyer, Protect Your Dealership

Protect your dealership from identity fraud, know your buyer before they get behind the wheel, and ensure your dealership is data compliant.

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