Free Used Car Keyword List for Dealers

Over 350 Organized Keywords!

Have you ever wondered what your leads are searching for online? Keywords are the key to your online sales engine, and we’ve put together an extensive list of them specifically for used car dealers. The used car keywords can be used for search engine optimization on your website, in paid ads such as Google Adwords, or in classified listings on Craigslist. Online Keyword List for Used Car Dealerships We’ve also cleaned the list for you, by removing franchise specific keywords such as “certified pre-owned” and “new car sales.”

You’ll see:

  • Exact Google Search Traffic Volume for Keywords
  • Difficulty Ratings for Adwords
  • Keywords Organized in Groups

There are hundreds of low competition keyword ideas such as:

  • “looking for a used car”
  • “finding a used car”
  • “reliable used cars”