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Right Way Auto builds long-term organic growth with AutoRaptor

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With AutoRaptor, I felt you got the most bang for your buck.

A long-time AutoRaptor customer shares some of the ways our automotive CRM has helped his business stay a step ahead of the competition.

At a time when many auto dealers are struggling with the impact of COVID-19, Linnehan’s Right Way Auto Group is still at the top of their game (or as close as you can be with a pandemic, anyway). While they’ve seen business slow in 2020 like most everyone else, they’ve continued to use available technology and resources—namely, an auto dealer CRM—to respond to and minimize the impact of the economic disaster that has plagued so many businesses this year.

Linnehan’s Right Way Auto Group laid roots in Ellsworth, Maine some ten years ago when owner and operator, Chadd Linnehan, a fourth-generation auto dealer, took what he’d learned under the mentorship of his father and grandfather and started his pre-owned dealership. Even then, when there was no pandemic to worry about, Chadd’s business was in line with the times.

AutoRaptor from Day One

“We started using AutoRaptor from day one,” says Chadd. He explains that the decision to use AutoRaptor right away came from his experience in prior dealerships. In fifteen years of working for his father, he kept his eye on all the technological changes taking place in the world, especially those that might be useful for selling cars.

“When I first started working for [my father],” he says, “there really were no automotive CRM systems. It was pen and paper, legal pad, maybe some sort of a handwritten desk log.”

But Chadd’s father knew that falling behind on technology could mean falling behind in the industry. As dealership CRM technology became available, the senior Linnehan adopted it from the start. Chadd knew when he opened his own business that he’d follow in his father’s footsteps and implement an auto dealer CRM.

Though Chadd doesn’t mention which automotive CRM he used working for his father, he does say that when Linnehan’s Right Way Auto Group launched, he chose AutoRaptor over the competition and has continued to do so since.

“With AutoRaptor, I felt you got the most bang for your buck,” he says. While other auto dealer CRM offerings cost more, he felt that they didn’t offer much more in the way of features. AutoRaptor not only had all the tools he was looking for, but it came at an affordable price and still does, which is part of why he continues to use it as his go-to dealership CRM.

Chadd goes on to say, “Oftentimes, you feel you get what you pay for, so if it’s not the most expensive one out there, maybe you’re giving up a lot of features, but I didn’t find that to be, and I haven’t found that to be.”

In addition to the available features and the affordable price, Chadd also tips his hat to the simple, clean layout of AutoRaptor. Dealership CRM technologies sometimes don’t enhance the user experience because they’re so focused on packing features in that they don’t take the time to design the interface. As far as Chadd is concerned, AutoRaptor manages to address both issues.

Automating Linnehan’s Right Way Auto Group with AutoRaptor

With AutoRaptor as their automotive CRM, Chadd says they’ve been able to automate some processes, such as scheduling tasks for new leads, follow-ups on sales, etc., which has helped improve employee productivity.

“Before dealership CRM technology came out,” he says, “if there was nobody on the lot or coming through the door, maybe sales reps were sitting around more without as much activity. I think the AutoRaptor system, even on a slow traffic day, they almost always have something on their schedule or planner. A phone call they can make, and email, even a postcard or letter. I think it makes the team more productive.”

Other AutoRaptor highlights from Chadd include the improved communications it offers (especially since he’s working with two locations) and the reports he can run to track metrics, especially in regards to his advertising budget. His favorite feature, though?

“What has become one of our favorite features is the texting capability. That’s been a huge component for us, even before COVID-19, because people really are not answering their phones anymore. They think it’s someone trying to sell them an extended warranty or something. But the texting, we get a response a high percentage of the time.”

More than anything, Chadd appreciates that AutoRaptor helps him to keep his business family-oriented and customer-focused in an effort to “clean up” the sometimes-negative reputation the pre-owned car industry suffers from. 

“We operate this way because it’s the right thing to do,” he says. “We’re looking for that organic, long-term growth.” A coveted prize, to be sure, and one that is more likely to be realized with an automotive CRM like AutoRaptor.

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