Choosing An Automotive CRM Tool

Your automotive CRM should make it easier for you to quickly respond to internet leads while managing your customer data. This should make it easier for you to stay in touch with more customers and ensure long term customer followup. A strong automotive CRM tool will help you retain customers longer and gain more referrals. Automotive sales have a very different lifestyle progression than other industries. This makes it imperative that you are using a CRM that is built to help your auto sales team increase their performance.

Brandon Dolan, Sales Consultant, Partners Chevrolet Buick GMC

As a Sales Consultant, AutoRaptor has become a “must have” tool in my everyday life. I have been selling cars for over 10 years now and have been using AutoRaptor as my CRM for the past 2 years. I believe organization is key to being a successful sales person and AutoRaptor is definitely the tool for the job. AutoRaptor has made keeping track of appointments and customer follow-ups so much easier that I have noticed a great increase in sales and repeat business. I even use AutoRaptor as my calendar for personal reminders. AutoRaptor makes selling cars a whole lot easier and much less stressful!


Paul Jaramillo, BDC Manager, Cactus Jack’s Auto

AutoRaptor has no doubt made my job easier with how easy it is to navigate through my leads to seeing all info time stamped. With having multiple employees to oversee, it is very useful in being able to compare employees work so that we can make corrections as needed. We as a company have made big strides in providing better service and AutoRaptor has a huge part in that. Customers are very happy with the emailing system that works in conjunction with the CRM tool as well.


Danny Archibald, Owner, Archibald’s Inc.

Making AutoRaptor a part of our sales strategy has really brought us the consistency we needed to increase sales. The system was easily adapted by our entire staff and immediately became an invaluable tool. You simply will not find better training or tech support in the industry. Thank you AutoRaptor for giving us an affordable way to be more competitive.


Milad Farahani, General Manager, Boston Foreign Motor

Great company. AutoRaptor has helped us improve our sales numbers. Finally a CRM system that understands Independent Dealer wants and needs. The support personal are all easy and helpful to work with, and are always available. Thank you Jami.


Richard Carreon, General Manager, Kyle Chapman Motors

AutoRaptor has definitely helped prevent opportunities from slipping through the cracks. It is a great tool for follow up before, after, and during the sale. I’ve been in sales for over 20 years and AutoRaptor is one of the best lead management tools out there. I have witnessed how AutoRaptor has helped to improve teamwork between Branch Managers and Sales Associates and helped tremendously with our follow up and customer service. In addition, the support team is top notch and always available. Thank you, AutoRaptor!


Bryant Lipari, Sales Manager, Instant Auto

AutoRaptor is a great tool for our sales team. It helps a lot to keep track of multiple lots and their activity. A valuable tool I’m not sure we would want to be with out. Also Amy has been very helpful with answering all of our questions and helping us train our new reps. She is a keeper for sure!


Jared Finnegan, Marketing Director, Jeff Couch’s RV Nation

AutoRaptor is pretty great. It’s easy to use, has powerful features, and the absolute best support I’ve ever encountered.  All of this, and it comes at an incredible value compared to other services.  There is no need to keep searching for the best CRM for your dealership, you’ve already found it.


Nathan Taggart, President, Taggart Motor Co.

AutoRaptor has been a great partner. The program works if you use it.   As with any tool, it is only as good as the buy in from sales staff, but properly implemented it can be a game changer.


Ricky Patrick, Internet Sales Manager, Casey Jackson Ford

AutoRaptor was one of the best decisions we’ve made for our sales process. When we started using AutoRaptor back in 2012, our internet sales doubled almost immediately. By streamlining our follow-up and making our outgoing emails more professional and efficient, we’ve been able to reach more of our customers with less effort. They continue to add very useful features, such as the ability to see if your email has been opened by the customer, and it’s obvious that AutoRaptor is committed to excellence and improvement. Great product from great people!


Jeremy B., Sales Manager, Creditmax Auto Group

My dealership has been with AutoRaptor for a couple years now. In that time productivity has increased with my sales staff. Being able to set up a defined plan in contacting our customers has translated into more sales and accountability on our sales floor. The product is great, the staff is extremely knowledgeable and is always very easy to work with!


Shane Williams, Manager, Pinnacle Auto Mart

Jami and the rest of the team at AutoRaptor are absolutely great to work with. AutoRaptor is extremely user friendly and allows us to do anything that has to do with follow-up! This program makes having one-on-ones with the sales staff efficient and simple to plan for the upcoming days.


Tony Petrone, Owner, International Motor Group

I have been in car sales for 32 years. Since using AutoRaptor, my sales associates have been more productive, and definitely more organized. Our sales have improved since we have implemented AutoRaptor. Some Sales associates will not like it at first, but once they see the value, they will love it!


David Barrow, President, Super Dave’s Auto Sales

AutoRaptor has been a great asset to my organization. With the amount of time, effort and money spent on lead generation it’s vital to squeeze the maximum amount of sales out of the leads you generate. AutoRaptor’s way of organizing leads allows for your management to ensure that all sales staff are aggressively following up with all leads and helps organize consistent follow through from first contact to sale and past that. Best ROI I currently have for any money I am spending on dealership operations and advertising.


Nathan Taggart, President, Taggart Motor Co

AutoRaptor is a great accountability tool for our sales staff. We train to come to work to work. AutoRaptor gives our staff a consistent flow of follow up contacts to make, so they aren’t sitting and waiting.


Chris Slaydon, Director of eBusiness, Vernon Auto Group

AutoRaptor helps drive our business. It is our single point of reference that our sales department uses to drive sales. It is not merely a tool for us, it is a principal workflow.


Chris Cunnion, Jake Kaplan’s

It’s a relief to work a deal or several deals at once and not have to thumb through invoice books, up sheets, or appraisal books. AutoRaptor is a must have at your dealership.