Credit & Compliance Solutions

700Credit, the Industry Leader in providing Credit and Compliance Products and Services, is NOW available right from within AutoRaptor, and at preferred pricing!

Credit Reporting Solutions with 700Credit include:

  • Credit Reports
  • OFAC Compliance
  • Red Flag Compliance
  • Adverse Action Letters with Automation
  • Credit Application for Dealer’s Website
  • Privacy Notices
  • Auto Summary on Every Credit Report
  • Compliance Dashboard
700credit ar integration

Benefits to you:

  • Preferred pricing on credit and compliance can SAVE YOU MONEY!
  • Any credit report format you prefer, any score(s) you prefer, all supported
  • Unique ‘Auto Summary’ separates car credit from their credit data. This is proven to help Finance Directors rehash deals.
  • Check out the industry’s best workflow to complete compliance.
  • You focus on selling cars, let the ‘system’ monitor your Red Flag compliance, Adverse Action, and Risk-Based Pricing Notifications.
  • Complete automation of Red Flag & OFAC backed with Out of Wallet questions so the consumer doesn’t have to leave the dealership.

Features include:

  • Fast, convenient access to all three credit bureaus: Get your job done within AutoRaptor. Stop toggling all over the place to pull credit and complete compliance!
  • Free Risk-Based Pricing solution with every credit report.

  • Access to integrated Compliance Solutions (Adverse Action, Red Flag, Risk-Based Pricing Notices and more).

  • Automate your decision process on who should receive an Adverse Action Notice or Risk Based Pricing Notice! Take the worry out of “Is it being done?”

  • Access your the Compliance Dashboard within AutoRaptor. The Dashboard monitors in real time your reporting and auditing requirements under the new federal regulations.

Sign up today and let 700Credit satisfy all of your credit reporting and Compliance needs within AutoRaptor.