There are a number of car sales tips and techniques seasoned salespeople have gained along the way. Here’s the top five you should learn right now.

Being the new sales rep at a dealership is nerve racking. It’s a lot like being the new kid at school. All your colleagues are calm and collected, but while you try to act confident, you’re racing underneath at 100mph, trying to ignore the gut feeling that you’re doing everything wrong. When you watch a another sales rep close a deal on the spot, it’s like watching a magician pull a rabbit out of a hat. How does she make it look so easy?

Maybe your first day wasn’t that long ago, and you’re looking to learn the car sales tips and techniques seasoned salespeople already know. If that’s the case, good for you! Taking initiative to cut down the learning curve is a great start. Most of your colleagues developed these skills over the years, and though it will take some time to master them, this post will help you identify the direction to go in.

Below we’ve outlined six car sales tips and techniques that will help you grow into a highly skilled sales professional. Focusing on developing these skills will not only increase your sales in the long run but will also help to develop more confidence in the short term. Also, don’t be afraid to ask your colleagues for help! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Five car sales tips and techniques to help you close more deals


  1. Develop your writing skills for digital communication


In today’s market, most of the initial contact you will have with a prospect with be through email. Don’t undermine your efforts to convert a lead by writing a sloppy, misspelled, grammatically incorrect correspondence. They will take notice. People are looking for a professional to deal with; those writing mistakes will work against you every time. You have to think of your written communication as if it were a verbal communication. How would you judge a person if they couldn’t engage you in a coherent dialogue?


Take it a step further and sign up for an online course in written communication or copywriting. If you can outperform your competition by writing responding intelligently and clearly to a price quote request, you’ve already separated yourself from the pack.


  1. Learn how to break the ice


When a customer shows up in person, there is always a degree of awkwardness, caution, and resistance. A seasoned salesperson knows how to implement a good ice breaker and get the customer laughing or at least comfortable. It’s nearly impossible to work a sale without developing a degree of trust and open dialogue with your prospect. To get a better idea, we interviewed a long time sales professional, now retired, about how he used to break the ice with customers. This this the dialogue he gave as an example:


You approach a middle-aged customer observing a car on the lot.


Mike: “Hi there, welcome to (insert dealership). I’m Mike. Just wanted to say thanks for choosing us. Can I help you with anything?”


Customer: “Oh, I’m just looking.”


Mike: “That’s funny, I’m looking, too!”


Customer: “What are you looking for?”


Mike: “I’m looking for someone to buy a car with twenty thousand dollars in cash. Do you know anyone?”


This might seem a bit obtuse to read, but Mike pointed out that he said it with a big smile every time. It made the customer laugh or, at the very least, got them talking.


  1. Organize your daily tasks with a dealership CRM


If your dealership uses a CRM system, learn how to use that tool to your full benefit. These software systems make it easy to organize your daily schedules, keep track of leads, follow up with customers, send out automated emails, and record information on prospects. It keeps all that data in one place, making it easier for you to to stay on top of your sales.


  1. Practice closing the deal on the test drive


When a customer comes to the dealership, chances are they’ve done all the research they’ve needed to do. They want to drive the car in person before they decide to buy. Seasoned salespeople know the sale is 95 percent done before they hand over the keys. The test drive is when the customer to becomes emotionally attached to the purchase, so do everything you can to make sure the car is perfect. Make the car look like it came out of the factory–shiny, fresh smelling, and sexy.


Also, know the route you are taking the test drive on. Have a place planned out to make a stop, preferably away from any commotion, and tell the customer you want to show them something. When you’re both out of the car, take a moment and say, “Bob, how would you like to drive this car home today?” Ask for the sale!


  1. The ultimate follow up: a handwritten letter


This is one of the traditional, yet extremely effective car sales tips and techniques. There is quite a bit of emphasis on digital communication these days: email, social media, chat forums, website content, blog content, etc. But nothing gets at the heart better than a simple handwritten letter to a customer. It doesn’t have to be long (the shorter, the better, actually). Just a quick note saying congratulations on your new purchase, it was wonderful getting to know you, and here’s my business card in case you ever need anything. That’s the type of customer service that keeps people coming back the referrals rolling in.


Don’t be afraid to ask your colleagues for car sales tips and techniques


Keep in mind there are many tips to pick up on not included in this list. Many of them are specific to your dealership, so don’t be afraid to ask for help. The car sales tips and techniques listed above can help you get on the right track while also cutting down on the learning curve of being a new sales rep. Remember: prospects come to your dealership to buy a car. Focus on creating a dialogue and providing excellent customer service first.
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