We want to give you a heads up that early next week we will roll out these two new features!

Email Editor

The new editor will give you a lot of the features you’ve been asking for when it comes to crafting email messages, like uploading images and inserting vehicle images from inventory. The editor is available to create uniform and professional looking templates (done by Account Admins) as well as to send a customized email messages. Here’s a sneak peek!


We’ve put together a comprehensive guide of what each of the icons means. You can check it out here and certainly go back to reference it whenever you need it.

SPAM Control

We have added a “Mark as Spam” option to emails. Only Managers can mark an email as Spam. Right now, clicking on this link simply hides the email from the communications section of the up sheet. This is our first step in controlling SPAM more effectively. This practice is allowing us to gather data about what sort of spam is entering the system.

  • A Manager can also completely delete an up sheet and create a new up sheet for a contact. We find this to be a good option on dated up sheets where there has been no activity for a long time.
  • If you are receiving spam from someone you are actively in contact with then we suggest informing them right away so that they can change their password to prevent further spam.

We hope these new changes will help you to better communicate with your prospects and customers and ultimately sell more cars! Let us know if you have any questions or notice any issues.