We’ve got some great new data tags for you to utilize in your email messages! You can insert a data tag into a template or regular email by copying and pasting or by typing them directly into an email. So for example, {APPOINTMENT.next_scheduled} to automatically insert the next Scheduled Appointment on an up sheet.



Updates to Email Editor
We’ve been busy working on bugs and taking in your feedback about the new editor so here’s some of the updates we just released.

  • We increased the default font size from 13 to 16 pts.
  • Copying and pasting links – previously our editor automatically saved urls. Now  you need to use the hyperlink feature. We are going to switch it back and will let you know when that is completed.
  • Adding a photo or your website to your Signature is now fixed.
  • If you wish to single space all you have to do is press shift and enter at the same time. Here is a quick video.