We are happy to announce a new report that will give you a summary of your appointments on a monthly basis. We think this report gives you a better way to track the status of your appointments and the efforts of your staff throughout the sales process.

The report tracks the most important information about appointments like Created by, Appointment status, Up Sheet status, and more!

To gain further insights, you can sort by any of the columns, and you can also filter by using the search input.

We are planning a few further improvements to this report in 2017, and more reports like it are coming soon after that.

Simply access the report by clicking the Reports tab.

Appointment Report 1

More Updates

  • New Data tag for Sales Rep’s first name – use {SALES_REP.first_name} to insert only the first name of the Rep into a template or regular email message.
  • Carfax Button in the Email editor allows you to quickly insert a Carfax report if one is available.
Appointment Report 2