A few weeks ago we announced the ability to send automated emails that correspond with a task from an action plan. We’ve expanded on our automatic email feature to give the dealership and the sales team more options!

In addition to being able to schedule automated emails on the dealership’s action plans, you can now schedule individual tasks on up sheets with an automatic email. We like to call it “Set it and Forget it!”

So how does this work?

Start by going to the up sheet that you want to schedule a task. Next, click on “Add Task” on the right hand side of the up sheet. You’ll want to start by naming the task, then choosing a due date, and clicking the link “At a specific time.”




Choose the time you wish the send the email and pick the email template to be sent. Finally, click Add Task.
**Note: You can also edit existing tasks by placing your cursor over the task and clicking “Edit.”




After the task has been completed, the up sheet Activity log will reflect that the task was completed and which email was sent.




We hope you enjoy this feature. Stay tuned for more updates!