Jon H. at Carmix Auto Sales

I really like how easy it is to develop 2 way communication with customers using AutoRaptor. Everything is in one place and easy to navigate. Keeping track of lost customers is easier than ever as well. AutoRaptor is well worth the money and can really ramp up your customer interactions/sales. 

Kevin P. at Regal Car Sales and Credit

What I like most about AutoRaptor is the ability to interact with customers so easily, especially the pre-built templates. The graphs make it easy to manage work progression and to really see if we are doing great or not. The stat sheet makes it convenient to track lost sales and sold inventory.

Rob A. at Lake City Exports

AutoRaptor is the single most valuable tool we have in our toolbox here at Lake City Exports! Raptor is super easy to use, packed with features, and its integration with all of our other platforms is seamless.

Ciara C. at Maximum Finance

We were on an archaic CRM before AutoRaptor so anything would be an upgrade but AutoRaptor surpassed my expectations. From the 700Credit Integration to being able to see my inventory move around in real time, it is definitely a well put together software.

Jared F. at Jeff Couch’s RV Nation

This CRM enables us to quickly and efficiently manage the large volume of customers that we see every month. Support is amazing! User interface is simple and intuitive.