Atlanta Luxury Motors South ( would like to thank Jami Fischer & the entire crew at Auto Raptor for providing exceptional customer service & a truly superior CRM tool. Auto Raptor has increased accountability, boosted monthly sales, and streamlined ALM South operations to new heights.

The Auto Raptor Dashboard provides valuable insight into historical data and real time information on Up Sheets, E-Leads, Emails, Created Appointments, Kept Appointments, Task, & other vital pieces of information at a glance.

Merging leads, access to the entire Inventory, Email Campaigns, Detail Reporting, & Adding & Deleting of Users are a few other categories where Auto Raptor’s technology excels.

I have tried many CRM’S over my 15+ years in the automotive industry (Dealer Socket, Dealer Peak, Vin Solutions & others). Auto Raptor stands out at the top when it comes to ease of consumer interaction & ability to quickly adapt to a superior technology advanced tool.

Atlanta Luxury Motors South is proud to give just due props in a crowded marketplace to a company and product that has paved the way in defining the sales process. Auto Raptor is well worth test driving, in short, IT DELIVERS!