The AutoRaptor CRM and the support staff that work for us behind the scenes has completely transformed the way we do business and has nearly doubled our closing rate on the sales leads we generate on the Internet, at only a small fraction of the cost of most auto sales CRMs. A major key to our success and improvements with AutoRaptor is all the features they provide that allow us to track the effectiveness of every advertising source we use and make changes accordingly, as well as a system for holding our sales staff and BDC accountable for scheduled follow-ups to insure that every prospect is touched on a regular basis, and rated accordingly. This way we can prioritize sales tasks and follow the straightest line from a phone call to a sale. Maximum impact from the most minimal effort.

We can easily keep track of where a customer is at in the buying process with detailed notes, and even attach documents that have been sent to them as sales tools (such as NADA valuations, copies of CarFax, finance deal quotes, and more). This way, even if the sales rep they have spoken with previously is out of the office or unavailable, anyone else can step in and have full knowledge of what’s happened from the first time the customer called or inquired about a vehicle online.

We still have barely scratched the surface of the various ways the information we collect in AutoRaptor can be mined to bring in ready-to-buy customers for specific vehicles, the minute they hit our lot. The biggest benefit though is knowing which advertising sources to ramp up, and which ones to dump so our lead volume goes up, while our cost per lead goes down.

Over time it ads up to huge gains in the number of units sold, and confidence in increasing advertising budgets and inventory since we know that on average, for every $1 spent on an ad source, it’s going to return $3.

AutoRaptor also insures that none of our prospects fall through the cracks. Once they’re plugged in, they’re a prospect until they either buy a car from us, or let us know that they’re no longer in the market. Our sales staff never sits around the lobby waiting for a customer to walk onto the lot.

Last, but certainly not least, AutoRaptor is a great relationship building tool. When a scheduled appointment walks in, I’m ready for them and have their name and what they’re here to see fresh in my mind. And past customers aren’t just a name or number filed away in a cabinet. If they call us or come in 6 months after the sale, I have all the information I need to treat them in a way that lets them know they’re important to us, as if they were just here the day before.

Also… the support and development staff is incredible at AutoRaptor. Help is a click away at any time, and improvements in the system are frequent. The value of AutoRaptor has jumped dramatically since we’ve begun using it. I’d gladly pay far more than we’re being billed for the system. If you’re not using this system, you’re not getting the best value and simplicity in CRM. Period.

As a past user of expensive CRM systems cost many times as much as AutoRaptor, such as and DealerSocket, I can tell you that this CRM system has been more effective for us than any other I’ve used.