10 Ways Dealership Software Makes GMs More Money With Less Work

Every GM wants to increase sales, but how do you influence real change? Give your salespeople the right tool—dealership software just for them! 

Managing a car dealership requires you to wear many different hats. You have to keep a watchful eye on each department, oversee marketing efforts, and keep everything rolling. But every seasoned manager knows that a well-oiled dealership starts from the ground up, particularly in the sales aspect.

Effective management is more than keeping salespeople accountable; it’s about giving them the tools they need to succeed. In today’s digitally-driven world, it’s modern dealership software that makes or breaks your operation.

7 Ways Auto Dealer CRM Software Can Improve Your Business

Looking to take your dealership service and management to the next level? Take a look at how our auto dealer CRM software will help your business grow!

Dealership general managers are just like business owners—they want to grow, thrive, and improve their dealerships. But in an industry that has seen rapid change, keeping a finger on the pulse of new technology is challenging. If you’re looking for the right tool to bring your dealership into the digital age, auto dealer CRM software is the answer.

Cutting edge software helps improve sales management and includes a plethora of intuitive features, specially designed for dealerships. Sales reps, managers, and GM’s can easily communicate with each other, keep track of performance, and identify weak points. 

How to Estimate Trade-In Value For Possible Customers

If you’re trying to gain more trade-in business, here is how to estimate trade-in value and gain trust at the same time 

Receiving and selling trade-ins can be the bread and butter of used car dealers. As a business strategy, trade-in vehicles allow multiple opportunities for gross profit. Each vehicle creates two customers—the person who brought it to the dealership (looking to buy a different one) and the person who purchases it later. Plus, both create additional profits in servicing, parts, financing, and insurance.

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How to Sell More Used Cars with Follow-Up Emails

Learn how to sell more used cars by “re-booting” the sale with your prospect 

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5 Email Marketing Tips for Dealers

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