Dealership CRM Software: The Tool Your Salespeople Need to Close Deals

Thinking about ways to improve sales performance? Dealership CRM software is the tool for you. Get your sales team excited with these integration strategies 

Introducing new technology to your sales team is a smart move. If you want to see better sales within the dealership, CRM software is the right choice.

Here’s the rub: CRM technology is not magical fairy dust. It won’t increase performance by itself. It’s a tool—your salespeople need to learn how to use it.

If you’re considering CRM software for your dealership, it’s important that you train your teams to utilize its benefits. Integration into your business strategy will create a smooth transition.

How to Master SMS Text Marketing and Boost Sales

Are your salespeople using every method available to connect with car buyers? Use these SMS text marketing features to nurture your leads into paying customers!

Here’s a revealing question: when is the last time you sent a text message? It probably wasn’t long ago, maybe even a few minutes. Texting is a primary form of communication for consumers and businesses alike. It’s easy, fast, and catches attention—all of the reasons why SMS text marketing is an excellent strategy for car dealers.

Car buyers today behave differently. They want to communicate digitally. They want to shop and view inventory online. Most of all, they want to lessen face-time and streamline sales processes.

As a dealership GM, you have to give your salespeople the tools to communicate effectively. Combined with the features of AutoRaptor’s CRM software, SMS text marketing provides better means for customer service and, in turn, increases sales performance.

7 Ways Auto Dealer CRM Software Can Improve Your Business

Looking to take your dealership service and management to the next level? Take a look at how our auto dealer CRM software will help your business grow!

Dealership general managers are just like business owners—they want to grow, thrive, and improve their dealerships. But in an industry that has seen rapid change, keeping a finger on the pulse of new technology is challenging. If you’re looking for the right tool to bring your dealership into the digital age, auto dealer CRM software is the answer.

Cutting edge software helps improve sales management and includes a plethora of intuitive features, specially designed for dealerships. Sales reps, managers, and GM’s can easily communicate with each other, keep track of performance, and identify weak points. 

How a Car Sales Mobile App Can Boost Your Bottom Line

Give your salespeople a car sales mobile app that brings the features of a CRM right to their fingertips 

There is quite a bit of talk going around these days about the effects of mobile technology on the auto industry. Not only are…

Valuable Car Sales Tips and Techniques All Top Salespeople Know

There are a number of car sales tips and techniques seasoned salespeople have gained along the way. Here’s the top five you should learn right now.

Being the new sales rep at a dealership is nerve racking. It’s a lot like being the new kid at school. All your colleagues are calm and collected, but while you try to act confident, you’re racing underneath at 100mph, trying to ignore the gut feeling that you’re doing everything wrong. When you watch a another sales rep close a deal on the spot, it’s like watching a magician pull a rabbit out of a hat. How does she make it look so easy?

Personalizing Your Contacts

AutoRaptor CRM updated how users work with contacts not too long ago. Any new up sheet or additional contact added to an up sheet begins with typing in just the name and a phone number or email address. Then, AutoRaptor searches for matches before you enter more information, so you do not create duplicate contacts. […]