How to be a Good Car Salesman by Engaging Delivered Clients Year Round

You may be a car sales veteran but are you confident you know how to be a good car salesman? The best salespeople know that maintaining rapport goes far beyond the delivery of a vehicle. It’s important to find ways to engage clients year round if you want to increase customer retention. If you’re having […]

10 Ways to Make Your Dealership Commercials Stand Out

If you’re going to invest in dealership commercials, ensure they help your business rather than hurt it. They say there’s no such thing as bad publicity, but when you see a cheesy car advertisement, you know that’s not true. Every year, car dealers spend thousands of dollars on dealership commercials that do little if anything […]

Automotive Marketing Ideas to Suggest to Your GM

Looking for the best automotive marketing ideas? Start thinking like a marketer and pitch your GM on new strategies Do you ever creep on another dealership’s website or Facebook page to check out all the wonderful marketing material they’re putting out? Or maybe notice that, for some odd reason, they are always the first dealer […]