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7 Ways to Cure Your Car Sales Cold Calling Fears

How to turn car sales cold calling into a profitable and creative lead source

Cold calling has always maintained a reputation of the ultimate anxiety inducer for salespeople. They don’t call it “cold” for nothing–the person who picks up usually has no idea who you are, why you’re calling or what you want. This type of atmosphere lends itself to profuse amounts of back sweat, sudden throat dryness, and an inability to form cohesive sentences. You typically have no more than five seconds to gain their interest, and less than a minute to establish trust. Sounds scary, doesn’t it?

Welcome to the new AutoRaptor!

We’ve made some changes around here, and we’re feeling pretty good!  Welcome to the new  Our customers tell us again and again that AutoRaptor is the sleekest, simplest to use application in their dealership.  Maybe we let it go…

The Source

Every up sheet should have a source. This tells you how the lead originated, is helpful for reports, and provides background information on your customer. E-leads will come in with their source named, which is great because then you know…

Personalizing Your Contacts

AutoRaptor CRM updated how users work with contacts not too long ago. Any new up sheet or additional contact added to an up sheet begins with typing in just the name and a phone number or email address. Then, AutoRaptor…