Organization is critical to the success of automotive lead managment. The challenge is two-fold for BHPH dealerships because first there is the lead follow up and second there is the information gathering of underwriting. Your dealership is covered with AutoRaptor!autoraptor-crm

The reality is that customers with challenged credit don’t always come rushing right to the dealership. Sometimes they are waiting for the vehicle that is right for them. Sometimes they want to know more details about a deal before handing over all of the necessary information to get them approved. Whatever the case, the best chance of winning the deal is to continue to follow up!

Customer Follow Up

The biggest value that our BHPH dealerships see in AutoRaptor is the ability to put a follow up process in place for their sales teams. The sales teams love this feature too. We hear time and time again how productivity has grown because everything is now laid out for them. The Schedule feature shows the team exactly what to do!

In addition, all communication can be completed and logged within AutoRaptor. The dealership can provide its team with email and text templates so that the messages sent to customers are always clear and consistent. Management can monitor the sales team at a glance and always know which activities are producing the best results.

Since using Autoraptor my sales performance has increased. This CRM tool has made it easier to keep an accurate following of all my customers. The templates are priceless. Not worrying about how to phrase words that engages the customer is very helpful. I would recommend Autoraptor to any dealership.

Alphonso W., Sales Consultant
Joe’s Auto Sales, Indianapolis, IN


How can AutoRaptor help with BHPH dealerships’ underwriting? Each customer has an up sheet where you can store all the information pertaining to that customer and deal. You can upload relevant files and photos to be stored with that customer. References can be entered onto the up sheet for easy access and potential follow up in the future!

We also teamed up with 700Credit to offer an integration that offer the best workflow in the industry. The Quickscreen tool provides live credit data, including a live FICO score, without leaving the customer’s up sheet. 

AutoRaptor Pricing

There is a lot of choices for you in the marketplace when it comes to finding the right tools for your dealership. Often times, it comes down to pricing. AutoRaptor strives to give our dealers a robust feature set while keeping our pricing among the most competitive in the market. We are a month-to-month service so we work hard each month to provide your dealership value.

Let’s Have a Conversation!

As you consider new strategies, new goals, and new tools for your dealership, put AutoRaptor on your list of options. Fill out your information here and we will get back to you soon!