AutoRaptor teamed up with 700Credit to offer an integration that provides
the best workflow in the industry. With the Quickscreen tool, you can get live credit data, including a live FICO score, before you make your first quote. The web-based QuickQualify tool provides a soft pull credit feature that generates far higher lead conversion of your web traffic and provides the same valuable credit data.

Benefits of our integration with 700Credit include:

  • Save Money: As an AutoRaptor dealer, you qualify for discounted rates on credit and compliance!
  • Generate more leads with their web-based consumer pre-qualification tool (QuickQualify)
  • Fast, convenient access to all three credit bureaus
  • Access to their 24/7/365 Support

700Credit is leading provider of credit, compliance, prescreen and consumer pre-qualification solutions for the automotive industry. Their offerings include credit reports, OFAC compliance, Red Flag, score disclosure, adverse action notices, web-based consumer pre-qualification, in-store prescreen, and a full web-based credit application.