Personalizing Your Contacts

AutoRaptor CRM updated how users work with contacts not too long ago. Any new up sheet or additional contact added to an up sheet begins with typing in just the name and a phone number or email address. Then, AutoRaptor searches for matches before you enter more information, so you do not create duplicate contacts.

This makes it quicker and easier to add contacts and up sheets, which saves you and the customer time. But, you do need to go back and complete as much information as you can about a contact. All phone numbers, email addresses, and physical addresses you have should be entered. Remember, a CRM is more valuable with more information.

Additionally, AutoRaptor made it easier to access important dates and other notes about the customer with the contact information. Important dates is used to add a customer’s birthday, anniversary, or other special date, and then AutoRaptor reminds you a couple days before the event so you can wish your customer well. This is such an important feature, because it lets you add a personal touch to correspondence with your customer and keeps you in their thoughts when they are ready to buy a vehicle again.

Contacts also include a notes section, which can be used to remind yourself what you know about this customer and what you’ve talked about with him or her. You might put here, “Joe has two teenage daughters and likes to go fishing.”

Are you personalizing your customer relationships? If not, start to by using these important features in the contact section of our CRM.

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Ty W.
Ty W.

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