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Independent Automotive Dealer Trends of 2015

The year may be new, but the importance of automotive industry trends is not. As an automotive dealer, you know better than most that attention to customer ebb and flow is huge in order for you to race toward and achieve success in 2015. Here are some of the top trends for independent dealers to watch for:


Trend #1 – Increased Customer Spending

As the economy of the United States continues to move in a positive direction, so do automotive sales. This trend has been a key influencer of sales over the past couple of years, as Americans are slowly but surely digging their way out of the Great Recession. With consumer confidence on an expected, measured rise, new and used automotive sales are up and look to gradually increase as this year progresses.

Trend #2 – More Automotive Offerings

With that aforementioned boost comes another benefit, in the form of an influx of cars to independent dealers. Cars such as trade-ins or those that are off-lease continue to flood dealerships, which is helping to drive the cost of used cars down for your customers. How great is this? The more automotive offerings you have, the greater potential for a sale exists.

Trend #3 – Tech-Savvy Buyers

Coming as no surprise, automotive offerings that are meeting customer’s tech expectations continue to outpace in sales those with less appealing features. Whether new or used, vehicles that emphasize technology are a hot commodity. For more on this and and a longer list of helpful trends, Forbes has more on the evident consumer need for infotainment.


Take Automotive Dealer Trends Seriously:

While these are just 3 of a growing number they can be seen this year, it looks to be a banner year for you and your sales team! Don’t neglect to check out the facts from industry leaders and remain sensitive to customer voices.


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Ty W.
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