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6 Effective Car Sales Training Tips for a Struggling Team

Motivating your team with these car sales training tips can turn your dealership around 

6 Effective car Sales Training Tips for a Struggling TeamWalking into a sales manager position at a pre-owned car dealership can be tricky, especially when the sales team has been struggling to close deals.

Every salesperson has a distinct way of doing things: how they engage with customers, what points of the sales process they focus on, who they prefer to deal with, etc. When you’re coming in as a new hire in a leadership role, it’s best to identify the issues and focus your team on tackling them together.

There are a few car sales training tips that will help a struggling team gain back their confidence. As the sales manager, it’s your job to implement these techniques within your sales force. You handle the numbers from this point on, so it’s in your best interest to put forth an effort to modernize your sales team while reinforcing car sales principles.

It’s tough job, but if you can open up your team and work together towards one goal, your sales goals will keep rising with time.

Proven Internet Car Sales Tips for a Worried, Old School Salesperson

Implement these internet car sales tips to build on the the face to face skill set you already have.

Remember the last time a customer walked onto your dealership lot looking to purchase a vehicle? You walked them through the process, showed them the features, took a test drive, and soon handed over the keys with a final handshake and a smile-laden “congratulations.” Felt great, didn’t it?

How to Write Car Sales Phone Scripts That Close More Deals

Knowing how to properly utilize car sales phone scripts will increase conversions and make outbound calls easier for you.

It seems that most car sales reps have polarized opinions about using phone scripts. One will tell you that it takes the pressure off during outbound calls, another says that they make you sound robotic and run-of-the-mill. In many cases, you don’t have a choice. Your sales manager requires that you use a script, even if you’ve been cold calling for years. No matter the circumstance, it never hurts to learn how to better use a tool, especially one that is designed to help you sell.

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