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Auto Marketing: 18 GMC Facts for Car Sales

gmc facts

Share these GMC facts with interested buyers and kick the competition to the curb

Americans love trucks and SUVs, and most manufacturers selling these vehicles have seen sales soar in the years following the Great Recession. As a GMC salesperson, that’s great news for you; more demand equals more money in your pocket. However, more demand also means there’s more competition out there.

What can you do to ensure your dealership is getting a piece (or more) of the pie? There are plenty of different sales and marketing techniques you should have up your sleeve, but one solid way to impress interested window shoppers is to share interesting GMC facts.

Showing passion for all of your brand’s little nuances will generate enthusiasm among buyers. Customers love to feel validated and like they are making the right decision, and imparting your knowledge of unique GMC facts could be just what they need to drive away in a new Denali.

gmc facts

GMC Facts every salesperson should know to close a deal

1. GMC’s formal name is the GMC Division of General Motors LLC.

It’s a division of American automobile manufacturer General Motors (GM) that primarily focuses on trucks and utility vehicles.

2. GMC has more than a century of experience.

In 1909, GM purchased the Rapid Motor Vehicle Company of Pontiac, Michigan and formed the basis of the General Motors Truck Company, from which the GMC Truck brand name was derived.

3. GMC is a mountaineer. 

A Rapid F-406-B, a GMC predecessor, was the first truck to reach the 14,110-foot summit of Pikes Peak on August 1, 1909.

4. 1912 was a banner year.

The GMC truck name first appeared on vehicles being exhibited at the New York International Auto Show in 1912.

5. GMC is ready to hit the road. 

In 1916, a GMC truck traveled from Seattle to New York City in 30 days.

6. GMC is a road warrior.

In 1926, a two-ton GMC truck was driven from New York to San Francisco in five days and 30 minutes.

7. There’s only one place you can get a GMC if you don’t live in the U.S. 

In the 1930s, GMC entered the Middle East market with 4×4 and 6×6 vehicles that were designed for use in the desert. The Middle East market has always been key for GMC, and it’s the only region outside the U.S. where the brand is available.

8. GMC played a big part in the war effort.

GMC produced 600,000 trucks for the United State Armed Forces during World War II.

9. GMC is enshrined in books. 

In 2002, GMC released a book entitled, “GMC: The First 100 Years.” The full-color hardcover pays homage to the brand through photographs, advertisements, production figures, and other historical data.

10. GMC’s first sports utility vehicle, the GMC Suburban, known as the Yukon XL, was introduced in 1937.

The Sierra followed in 1962 (the brand’s first full-size personal-use pickup) and the GMC Jimmy in 1970.

11. They didn’t always stick to trucks. 

GMC used to manufacture ambulances, motor homes, fire trucks, and other heavy-duty vehicles.

12. GMC is on the silver screen. 

You can spot GMC’s now-discontinued motor homes in Bill Murray’s 1981 movie Stripes, and the 1996 film Twister.

13. You think GMC is big in the U.S.?

The world’s largest standalone GMC dealer in sales volume is Kuwait’s GMC dealer, Mohammed Saleh and Reza Yousef Behbehani. It’s held this title for the last six years.

14. The brand is no stranger to luxury. 

The luxury-focused Denali trim level currently outsells the entire product lines of some premium automakers.

15. GMC is classy. 

GMC was named “Most Refined Brand” in Kelley Blue Book’s 2017 Brand Image Awards. It was the fourth year in a row the brand received this award.

16. GMC wins popularity contests. 

GMC was named “Most Ideal Popular Brand” in AutoPacific’s Ideal Vehicle Awards for three years in a row.

17. GMC and Chevrolet trucks and SUVs are extremely similar because they are both owned by GM.

Many of these vehicles are almost mechanically identical, but GMC is positioned as a more premium offering, especially with the Denali series.

18. GMC is patriotic. 

GMC has partnered with Building for America’s Bravest to build over 200 smart homes for our nation’s wounded military heroes. The goal is to assist these veterans in transitioning to civilian life and regaining their independence.

If you’re selling GMCs, there’s a strong likelihood you’re also selling other GM brands like Buick, Cadillac, and Chevrolet. When you’re done committing these GMC facts to memory, move on to the other GM brands—plus other entirely separate automakers, just to expand your knowledge of the industry and your competitors.

Here are a few more lists to help you get started: Honda, Ford, Toyota, Jeep, BMW, Tesla, Nissan, Subaru, Volkswagen, Dodge, Hyundai, Mazda, Kia, and Chrysler.

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