10 Dealership Customer Retention Strategies Clients Respond to Best

Ignoring existing clients is one of the worst things a car dealer can do. Not only does it put dealers at risk for negative customer service reviews, but it can also drastically affect their chance of being profitable because existing clients are up to 70% more likely to make a purchase. When lead generation is […]

How to Get Better Car Dealer Ratings and Repair Bad Reviews Online

Car dealer ratings are a crucial component to the success of any dealership, but what happens if there are more negative reviews than good? If your team is feeling defeated, then it’s time to take a look at how to get better car dealer ratings and how to repair bad reviews online. Interested in an […]

How to Improve Your Lead Management Process and Stop Losing Sales

If you feel like you’ve been struggling to attract new clients and close enough deals, then it might be the perfect time to rethink your lead management process. A few simple changes to your approach can boost traffic and get more serious car buyers into your showroom. Interested in an Affordable, Full-Featured Auto Dealer CRM? […]

How to Encourage a Car Sales Increase from Struggling Salespeople

While it can be easy to get frustrated when performance is low, sometimes all it takes to get a car sales increase form struggling salespeople is a reminder of the fundamentals. Remember to use your CRM to continually monitor your team’s progress so you can give constructive feedback when necessary. With the right approach, you’ll […]

How to Improve Car Sales with 10 of the Best CRM Tips

Every salesperson wants to sell more cars and remain at the top of the sales board, but some months just aren’t that easy. If you’re looking to enhance your approach and improve car sales, then you’ll find value in our latest infographic, “How to Improve Car Sales with 10 of the Best CRM Tips”. Interested […]

How to be a Good Car Salesman by Engaging Delivered Clients Year Round

You may be a car sales veteran but are you confident you know how to be a good car salesman? The best salespeople know that maintaining rapport goes far beyond the delivery of a vehicle. It’s important to find ways to engage clients year round if you want to increase customer retention. If you’re having […]

10 of the Most Surprising Dealer Communications Insights

10 of the Most Surprising Dealer Communications Insights Online and mobile technology has changed how vehicles are sold but do you know which dealer communications are most effective? If you don’t, it’s time to change that. Communication skills, or lack thereof, have a huge impact on the success of your marketing campaigns. The best campaign […]

Stop Hacking Your Automotive SEO And Start Writing for Real People

Forget keyword stuffing and “writing for Google” — solid automotive SEO is all about crafting content for your customers BMW. SUV. GMC. These are three-letter initialisms you live and breathe as an auto dealer. Automotive SEO, though? Well, that’s another story. SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization, is that complicated and confusing term every […]

10 Car Salesman Training Tips That Create an Engaging Car Lot

When you’re a new car salesman, training tips that promote honesty, trust, and integrity will help you rise to the top quickly. Beginning a new job in auto sales is exciting — your entire career is in front of you, and there’s so much opportunity to succeed and learn. You have books full of car […]

How to Tactfully Handle Adverse Action Notices with Car Buyers

Adverse action notices can throw a wrench in the car-buying process, but if dealt with carefully, they’ll just be a minor speed bump. After spending a couple of hours with a prospective car buyer, it’s finally time — he or she is ready to purchase a vehicle. You’re thrilled because you’ve put a lot of […]