The 25 Best Auto Quotations of All Time

Sharing these auto quotations with your sales team will be a great motivator There’s something to be said for great quotes that evoke strong feelings. They can make you laugh, cry, think, or become inspired. Does your sales team need a good chuckle? Do you want them to feel driven to succeed? It may be […]

6 Auto Sales Motivational Videos to Save a Sales Team

Sales motivational videos can help put that spark back in your salespeople when it seems like nothing else will work. Maintaining motivation in the workplace is a challenge, regardless of your industry or position. But when your sales team loses motivation — and can’t seem to find it, no matter what you do — everyone […]

The Disposal Rule: A FACTA Summary for Auto Dealers

This FACTA summary of the Disposal Rule will ensure your dealership is compliant and your customers’ identities are protected. After spending a great deal of time with a prospect, it’s finally time: she’s decided she wants to buy the Jeep Liberty on your lot — and you’re the salesperson who is going to make it […]

The Federal Lemon Law: How Well Does Your Dealership Understand the Rules?

Only dealership customers with warranties are protected under the Federal Lemon Law. You undoubtedly take a lot of pride in your dealership and the inventory you offer. However, whenever you are selling cars — especially used cars — no matter how careful you are about choosing them, there’s a chance they could be destined for […]

5 Auto Showroom Design Ideas That Sell More Cars

In an auto showroom, design is a key factor that can make or break your entire sales process. You’ve spent a lot of time and money building a formidable sales team at your auto dealership — after all, these are the people who are making you money. If salespeople have been your primary and constant […]

Car Sales Thank You Cards: Why You Should Send & What to Say

Taking the time to send personalized car sales thank you cards can be critical to future business. Like most auto salespeople, you probably put a lot of time and effort into every single sale. You develop a relationship with each customer and help her feel comfortable about the major purchase she is about to make. It’s your […]

The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act: Compliance and the Auto Industry

Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act compliance for auto dealers includes a focus on protecting the privacy of consumers. Let’s face it: You may run one of the top automotive dealerships in your area, but if you aren’t prioritizing compliance and keeping up with industry regulations, you won’t be in business much longer. One of the many standards you […]

How to Get the Best Car Dealership Ratings Online

Unless your car dealership ratings are five stars across the board, you can’t afford to ignore these tips for improving online reviews. Your auto dealership seems to be well-liked within your community — after all, you receive great feedback in person all the time, and most of your new customers are referred by past buyers. But […]

15 KPI’s for Evaluating a Newly Hired Auto Dealership Manager

You may think you’ve hired the right dealership manager to lead your sales team, but if you set measurable goals, you’ll know for certain. Hiring a new sales manager for your auto dealership isn’t a process to take lightly. The individual you choose will run your entire sales department — not just managing and training the […]

An Auto Sales Meeting Agenda Template to Use Over and Over Again

Create a road map with this auto sales meeting agenda template and watch your team’s attitude toward this weekly “inconvenience” change. When was the last time your team looked excited about their weekly auto sales meeting? If your dealership is like most others, it has probably been a while. Sales meetings have a bad reputation […]